MOTORSPORT: TS Cup Sunnys and Bluebirds race at the NISMO Festival

We’ve written a lot here at JNC about TS Cup Nissan Sunnys over the years. They always have a habit of showing up, no matter which classic car event in Japan you’re at. That makes sense, as it’s one of the most active vintage racing series in Japan. Until know, though, we’ve never been able to show you what one of these races was like. Luckily, at the recent NISMO Festival there was an exhibition race held. 

NISMO has released a video of the race itself. It is an absolute joy to watch (and hear!) a gaggle of vintage B110 and B310 Sunnys and a couple of 510 Bluebirds fight for supremacy in the hallowed gladiatorial arena known as Fuji Speedway. Despite diminutive A-series engines, they sound positively brilliant echoing through the grandstands. Turn up the volume and be entertained.

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4 Responses to MOTORSPORT: TS Cup Sunnys and Bluebirds race at the NISMO Festival

  1. Nigel says:

    Thanks for posting this early Xmas present Ben, TS Cup cars are very cool !!

  2. Dutch 1960 says:

    Great video!

    Could the announcer be any more clueless? He had nothing to offer as commentary other than “red car”, “blue car”, “Leyton House car”. Oh yes, and either “sensational” or “absolutely sensational” some 9 times. No commentary at all would be better.

  3. Nathan says:

    Fantastic! If only the commentator gave more silent periods to hear the motors and had some notes on the cars…

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