MOTORSPORT: Toyota 86 sets world record for the most drifting

Lest you forget what Toyota’s neo-hachiroku is about, the 86 just set a new alleged world record for longest non-stop drift. This is not the first time this has happened; the previous Guinness-certified world record was set in 2014, also by a Toyota 86. The record now stands at 168.502 kilometers (over 104 miles), besting the previous by 24.376 kilometers.

The latest attempt was the brainchild of Jesse Adams, an automotive journalist in South Africa, who convinced Toyota South Africa into partnering up for the logistics and research. The car used was a stock 2017 Toyota 86 save for one modification: an additional fuel-tank fabricated by Toyota Motorsport South Africa that neatly fit into the spare tire well.

The record attempt took place on June 12 at the Gerotek Testing Facility near Pretoria, one of South Africa’s three capital cities. A partially wet skidpad was set up, and the car’s driven wheels were not allowed to stop at any point. A panel of experienced time-keepers and judges observed the run, while two separate VBOX data loggers collected precise data for verification.

After five hours forty-six minutes of drifting, Adams reached a thousand laps on the skidpad and called it a day. There was no mentioning of whether he could stand up straight after getting out of the car. Guinness World Records is now verifying the data before conferring the official record. Impressively, Adams got back into the 86 and drove it home after the run. So there you have it, the Toyota 86 is the inimitable daily/dorifto machine.

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7 Responses to MOTORSPORT: Toyota 86 sets world record for the most drifting

  1. Sedanlover says:

    No video? I mean I don’t want to watch 5 hours of circle work, but maybe a nice time lapse vid…

  2. Nigel says:

    Yep, official South African hoonage ! Awesome.

  3. Mike says:

    Wonder what the old record was and what it was set with.

  4. robin says:

    haha… I guess i need to be patriotic.

  5. j_tso says:

    Next up: tandem drift refueling. 2nd car has a guy holding a gas can out the window.

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