MOTORSPORT: Everyone’s swapping 2JZs into the new Supra

A few of Japan’s professional drift teams have already gotten their hands on the new A90 Toyota Supra and are building them for competition in D1GP. In a new Option video, Notable AE86 aficionado and Toyota works driver Akira Iida drifts a brand new 2020 Supra before it is promptly torn down to become the D1 car of Masato Kawabata. What’s the first thing to go in? A 2JZ.

This isn’t just any 2JZ. It’s an HKS 3.4-liter stroker kit with billet counterweighted crank and nickel-plated pistons, capable of 1000 horsepower or so. Before it goes under the knife, Iida draws comparisons to the 2000GT, with its non-body-colored A-pillars and Nozaki Arc. Even the Supra’s Volk Racing TE037 wheels in gunmetal look somewhat evocative of the 2000GT’s magnesium units.

The car isn’t going fully Japanese, though. The transmission is a 5-speed sequential shift Samsonas from Lithuania and the the rear end is a quick-change diff from Winters Performance in the US. Such is the progress of the world and the D1 teams are not above evolving with the times, but when it comes to the motor, it seems Kawabata — as well as former champ of D1 and Formula D Daigo Saito — are sticking with the tried and true.

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9 Responses to MOTORSPORT: Everyone’s swapping 2JZs into the new Supra

  1. ED-209 says:

    You mean they didn’t want a German grenade under the hood???
    I’m shocked.

  2. Dcoultis says:

    That’s a BMW with a Toyota Motor!

  3. Erik says:

    Well every pro drifter knows BMW cant by design be reliable. I feel bad for all of the Toyota techs that havent ever worked on designed obsolescence components.

    o that, torque angles and weird size fasteners.

  4. cesariojpn says:

    In a long enough timeline….

  5. Jake says:

    Car People: Incessantly lambast the A90 because they think it will be unreliable.

    Also Car People: Replace a brand new powertrain with an approximately 200 year old engine that makes over 1000 hp in an effort to make the car more reliable.

  6. Jake says:

    Car People: Complain about potential A90 reliability

    Also Car People: Replace a brand new, warrantied powertrain with an approximately 200 year old engine with 1000hp in an effort to make the A90 more reliable.

    And yes I know this is a drift car, but still, you know multiple people will do this to street cars.

  7. Mark Newton-John says:

    Damn, the vitriol borders on racism. I doubt if anyone has actually had a BMW. I’ve owned two Audi 5cylinder turbos, and it’s not the engines that crap out, but all the other little bits like window regs.
    Not surprised they jammed a 2JZ, since they have NO IDEA how to tune a BMW motor.

    • Jdmsparta says:

      Bro, what kinda stupid statements are uttering? This people are expert bro. Dont show ur levwl. Of stupidity over here. Sighhhh

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