Morimoto Celica

We see a lot of cars, but the Morimoto Celica still gives us funny feelings every time we look at it. 

Completely absent are any unnecessary body modifications like wings or decals. The only things that remain are the pure, original lines of the RA25, highlighted by a pair of racing mirrors and the perfect drop.

The wheels are 14×7.5 Watanabe Type As on the front with a 5mm spacer, 14×8.5 Type Rs on the rear.

For lack of a better term, we’ll quote JNCer Kirk H. and call this perfect storm of subtle tire stretch, flush fitment and shakotan ride height “Super Mild Boso.”

[Images: RS-Watanabe]

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18 Responses to Morimoto Celica

  1. Benson says:

    So nice! 😀 Wish there was a “like” button.

    I still don’t know the difference between RA25 and RA23

  2. Bernie-Jay says:

    Am I seeing double?

  3. the12for12 says:

    Clueless here aswell, but that pix shows the brn 1 with fogs in the bumper.

  4. Nigel says:

    A true sleeper !!

  5. kingtoy says:

    If I was to build a Celica liftback I would buld it similar to this one.

  6. hechtspeed says:

    That Celly is rad! It’s a perfect Celica.

  7. Eric says:

    Yes, one of the best for sure. I’ve had some of the JNC pics on my hard drive for a while. I still think a Wizard (best shop name ever) chin spoiler would make it even better though 😉

  8. Zechs says:

    @ Benson: there are a couple of differences but the biggest is that the RA25 is a liftback
    and the RA23 is a coupe.

    You can easily look up the other differences. Just put some time in it

  9. Robakun says:

    I dont think those wheels are 14 inch. more like 16. Car is too low and the wheels are too big…

  10. Pete says:

    The lines on those early Celicas are really well done.

    Smokey’s got a really nice one too.

  11. Benson says:

    Cheers Zechs 🙂

  12. tony says:

    unfrickinbelievable. love the rainy shots.

  13. Mr.L.J. Nordvik says:

    Gorgeous,even as Darumas go.Why Toyota can’t see sense and build a retro-Daruma is beyond me.

  14. KAdams says:

    As much as I love the look of the JDM taillight panel on this generation of liftback, it can’t compare to the amount of lust I’ve had for the standard ’71 Notchback. It sucks that they’re damn near impossible to find now. I’m still slapping myself over not trying to buy Koichiro’s S2000 powered monster. That car was perfection.

  15. yeng says:

    these are spine chillers. i’ve always loved how those liftbacks look! in Road and Track magazine (or was it Car and Driver Mag) they had a section that declared that these celica liftbacks have great potential to be collectibles for american buyers, not that they aren’t already. 🙂

  16. yeng says:

    Ben: to me, both look great. i heard that muscle car drivers dont like the liftback mustangs as much as the coupe models. soooo….it made me wonder why they said the liftback celica would be the better choice. 🙂 both are still beautiful

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