More Toyota FT-86 Details Emerge

Moto, founder of Club4AG, has spilled a few beans regarding the new Toyobaru FT-86 (or as we Yanks will call it, the Scion FR-S). From his report, everything has been engineered with the enthusiast in mind. Case in point: the dash is recessed into the front window base so one can install a roll cage without butchering it.

Appearance-wise, it’s a midpoint between the original FT-86 concept and the wild Scion FR-S pictured above. The Subaru EJ20 has been recast, though external mounting points remain the same, and the exhaust note tuned by Yamaha. Moto also relays an amusing anecdote about CEO Akio Toyoda slinging the test mule around a wet Nürburgring.

Keep in mind, none of this is official, but if these reports are true the car will be a very, very promising return to sports cars by the Big T.

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20 Responses to More Toyota FT-86 Details Emerge

  1. Eljay says:

    Designing the dashboard to make a roll cage installation easier suggests a proper mindset behind this car.I also hope the Aygo-based rwd hot hatch being developed by Gazoo Racing comes to fruition.

  2. i really can’t wait to see the final car at dealers. probalbly this will be my next car for daily-fun 🙂

  3. kingtoy says:

    Not bad for a first try I guess. I guess I will wait till they make a real Toyota sport coupe.

  4. Nigel says:

    I really want one of these.
    And I really hope it is a great car.

  5. shaun says:

    Looks like I can fit some 22s on that sucka aww yeah Another ugly car from toyota.

  6. Jason says:

    All the high school kids with $30,000 burning up thier pockets will be whipped into a frenzy when the genius marketers at toyota put out the first commercial with zeus autotuning the Scion FRS into some yellow wonder. I on the other hand will be sitting at home thinking about what could have been, but enjoying Real Toyota history with my Ra21’s and Sw20. Thank You Toyota…..Thank You for rewarding your enthusiasts with this…..No really thanks for caring.

  7. zulu says:

    still not a really big fan of it. it has a subaru engine and is a scion stateside. its not even really toyota. im glad they are atleast tyring to make a affordable sports car. i dislike though that it really isnt a toyota since its heart is from a different company and its badge doesnt say toyota. this car would be a better follow up to the alcyone/xt coupes from back in the 80s not the ae86
    my .02 cents

    • tylwld says:

      Just so you know, Toyota makes Subaru and Scion… along with Yamaha. Just because it wont have T badges here in the U.S. does not mean it isn’t a Toyota

      • olskoolae71 says:

        Minor correction there: Toyota makes Scion and Lexus. They own ~17% stake in Fuji Heavy Industries who makes Subaru, and they contract to Yamaha to make or tune some engines. So that’s pretty much how it goes.


      • Sarcasmo says:

        Toyota DOESN’T make Subaru. KNOW your facts, before you post “Know-It-All”.

    • Cameron says:

      If your so hip for a 100% Toyota, take a page out of the Acura hand book. Sick some jdm badges on it and do and engine swap.

      I on the other hand see this as the future of the Japanese sports car. With the cost of research and development being so high and the market for pure bread sports cars being so low, company’s will need to work together to slide the idea of a real sports car (not CR-Z) past investors. Is it not better to have Franken sports cars, than no sports cars at all (RIP S2000).
      just my 2 cents.

  8. Komeuppance says:

    LOL… Moto is sure hyped up about the car, sounds like a car salesman… and that is official.


  9. Camshaft says:

    Why oh why can’t they call it A celice? Or even Scelica? FR-S dosen’t sound like a name, it sounds like an internal chassic code. I’m tired of all of these freakin’ alphanumeric names.

    • datsunfreak says:

      Easy fix Cam. Rip off the Scion tC badges and put Toyota Celica badges on it. Job done.

      I’m a Datsun guy, not a Toyota guy. But there’s still a VERY good chance I will be buying one of these if it’s competitively priced with the Genesis Coupe.

  10. Camshaft says:

    Oh man, Celica even. I can’t spell today.

  11. Sarcasmo says:

    Garbage… Scion badges and a Subie engine(glorified lawn mower engine). Ugly with a capital FAIL.

  12. will says:

    This will never be a celica, ever. I’m glad it’s tagged a Scion now. Also glad they aren’t disgracing my classic Celica’s with some Sub powered wanna be Toyota.

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