More Skyline Ads with Ken & Mary

Ok, by now you guys have all figured out yesterday’s post about a majority share of Nissan being bought out by Tata Motors was an April Fool’s joke. Sorry, we couldn’t resist! Well here’s some old Nissan Skyline that are almost as strange, and have the added bonus of being real. Though to be honest, they’re probably not as odd as the spacefish.

[Source: grandJDM]

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3 Responses to More Skyline Ads with Ken & Mary

  1. srfairladyz says:

    I totally have a crush on Mary. Damn your April fools joke!!

  2. Jnostalgics says:

    But apparently Ken has a crush on the cow lady! 🙂

  3. Burabuda says:

    this is not the only user of animals in nissan ads: consider the white duck who was a little boy’s companion in the sunny b110 ads

    nissan japan appears to have been head and shoulders above the competition in its vigorous ad campaigns, both in print and tv

    i’d like to see more of the other manufacturers ads, to see how they comparte, but there just isn’t that much out there

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