Friday Videos: More SA22C Love

Since our post earlier this week was pretty popular, we thought we’d round out the week with some more old school SA22C RX-7 love. Here’s a couple of vids.

This first vid is from Japanese video car magazine Video Option. It starts out with Ama-san from Tokyo rotary tuner RE-Amemiya building up an SA22C (shame there’s not more of that buildup phase) and then we skip ahead to Tsukuba Circuit where it’s put through its paces by Shinichi Yamaji (who I believe raced GT300 for RE-Amemiya at the time), posting a very respectable 1:05, a good time for a mildly tuned FD. If this doesn’t make you want one, I don’t know what will!

More video after the jump.

This next video is from another video car magazine, Hot Version and is an oldschool Skyline vs Rotary retrospective. It starts out with a Katayama replica, which is a replica of the RX-3 that did battle with the C10 Hakosuka Skylines in the 72-73 touring car season in Japan. To celebrate, I believe that Mazda actually did a short run of RX-3 Savanna road cars with the outlandish flares.

But really this second vid is more about the SA22C and we move onto a nice and hot SA22C which takes on its deadly in-period rival, the DR30 Skyline RS-Turbo. The RX-7 acquits itself rather well :).  I want one now.

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8 Responses to Friday Videos: More SA22C Love

  1. F3ARED says:

    That second video was suprising – both the RX and the DR look like theyve got a fair bit of understeer, with the rota being abit twitchier [this much i know from driving my cousins Series 1].

  2. j_c says:

    I love that Hot Version video and how that they have tach camera. That thing revs sky-high!

  3. Ben says:

    Hmm… JNC Project car #3? 😀

  4. chris o says:

    doesnt sound like a big port job on the rx7 either in the 2nd vid, especially when hes only revving it to 8k

  5. Kev says:

    I think I hear him say bridgeport at the 1’42 mark

  6. Julian says:

    Makes me want to take mine for a drive!

    see you later…

  7. Joe says:

    I enjoy my ’85 everyday,quick and fun lil cars

  8. The Mazda RX7 is an all time favourite of mine, and I will own an FD series with a seriously modified 13B Turbo one day!

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