More Nostalgic Toyotas from Cyprus UN Buffer Zone

Last week we mentioned that the UN was documenting the Green Line, a demilitarized Buffer Zone set up on the island of Cyprus in 1974. One photo showed a couple of lonely but brand new E20 Toyota Corollas, one with only 38km on its odometer, abandoned when residents were forced to flee the conflict-riddled region. Turns out, we were just scratching the surface.

Beneath the Ledra Palace Hotel in the abandoned city of Varosha is a treasure trove of dilapidated but nearly unused Toyotas. Dust-covered Corollas, Corona Mark IIs and Celicas can be seen rotting away.

Tragically, many of them have damage, including caved-in roofs, smashed windshields, or missing parts. Some look like they’ve been rifled through, trunks and hoods left open. Others, are in surprisingly good condition. Will anyone rescue these cars?

Hat tip to Tyler [Images:Ā]

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19 Responses to More Nostalgic Toyotas from Cyprus UN Buffer Zone

  1. Brownie says:

    commandos, get in your HiLux technicals and rescue these mechanical hostages…

  2. Karl says:

    It feels sad, seeing cars roth and fade away like this… It does not give justice to them.

  3. Nigel says:

    All the pictures look like they came from a 70’s Science Fiction move.
    (Damnation Alley springs to mind).
    Wish I could take a few on a flatbed.

  4. PowerTryp says:

    JNC needs to field a 4 year “peace keeping” mission into this region with a mandate to “clean up” and “clear out” the area for any potential future use.

    I volunteer my services for a mission of such importance.

  5. Tyler says:

    We could claim that the cars are an “environmental hazard” with leaking fluids. You know, that’s what the tree-huggers did to clear out that Kaufdorf “auto graveyard” as we loved to call it. I’m all for helping the environment, but it’s pretty obvious most of the fluids would have leaked out after 40 years! Let’s take that bullsh*t precedent and snatch up these Yotas! I tentatively call the blue Celica. šŸ˜‰

    (The Kaufdorf site had a bunch of cool old DKW’s and stuff if you’re into that too)

  6. Hist8ofmind says:

    If my pockets were deep enough I’m sure a little green would persuade someone to let me in there : ).

  7. TyFc3s says:

    ok thats it, im going to go get that blue celica, no force can keep me from a nice, free(?), celica!

  8. John says:

    I have been to Cyprus several times and went through the buffer zone over ten years ago as a maintenance contractor. Those cars actually do belong to someone and will be handed back to the owners like everything else once the Cypriot government, UN and Turkey agree on a resolution to the problem that divided the country.

    Cyprus is a goldmine for old JNC tin, I have photos somewhere of my last trip 2 years ago showing lots of good desirable projects in the southern part of the Island. Nice rust free Rx3 coupe which I wanted to export as well as many Datsun 1600’s /510s. Mostly rust free due to the extreme dry heat. The metal survives however interiors normally perish !

    • Lincoln Stax says:

      I was going to bring up that exact same point. They still belong to whoever owned them back in 1974 (or their heirs.) As much fun as it is to fantasize about rescuing them, they aren’t free for the taking.

  9. Gali Mendoza says:

    Hi there,

    Gali here from the Phiippines.

    Would you mind telling us where is the exact address of these cars in Cyprus?

    Who owns all of these cars now ? Can they be purchased? Who is the contact person to talk to?

    Hope to here from anyone.


  10. Steven Gaj says:

    Can’t wait to run out and get one! Oh wait, the junkyard down the street is full of them. Nevermind.

  11. John says:

    Nothing in the green zone can be touched, that is why they are still there. It is basically no mans land. That whole area contains lots of valuables from peoples pasts, from photos, houses, businesses, jewellery… etc etc. Even the owners can’t touch their belongings in that area. You could try walking into the area but you would most likely be shot dead, serious !

    Searching the south part of the Island is a far better choice for locating JNC tin. Cars are normally dumped for years in the villages just decaying very similar to what you see in rural Japanese towns.

  12. Joel says:

    i wish i had the opportunity to go there in person to help rescue those Toyotas… but, i’ve sent along an email to a personal friend that works for Toyota. perhaps he can help, or knows someone that can…

  13. Kapitan Tiago says:

    Are they for auction? Interesting…..

  14. goerge w muriithi says:

    am sooo in,i want!

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