Toyota Says Crush Your Cruiser for Cash

This is an actual commercial from Toyota in which they encourage you to crush your classic Land Cruiser in exchange for a Cash for Clunkers voucher.

Obviously a two-door FJ60 is a nonexistent beast, so was Toyota USA just creating a generic SUV from one of their own models in order to avoid using another automaker’s product? Or is the marketing department so far removed from Toyota’s heritage that they think nothing of slapping the Toyota faithful across the face with this suggestion?

This clip was put up under Toyota USA’s own YouTube account, so you can click on the video above and let them know what you think.

As a side note, if any real FJ60 owners are considering this, it’d be a pretty stupid idea since all but the most rusted out hulks can fetch more than the $4500 C4C rebate.

And in case you were wondering, it would take about 5 years for a car bought under C4C to save enough fuel to offset the carbon created during its manufacture. For a small truck, it could take 10 years, according to this article. The vouchers come out to $175.53 per ton of carbon offset, which is about 10 times at which Europe’s carbon exchange trades. Let’s call it what it is, a bailout for the auto industry.

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11 Responses to Toyota Says Crush Your Cruiser for Cash

  1. Dennis says:

    toyota isnt what it used to be 🙁

  2. Dont they know that we burn more fuel to produce energy to recycle and crush cars than restoring cars!
    This additional energy needed to crush cars just add up to more gases to pollute the air.

    Restoring cars also helps the economy too, by supporting local parts dealers and manufacturers of after market parts / replacement products. when we support businesses people keep their jobs.

    its good to recycle!

    If the government wants people to spend more money to boost economy, give them jobs instead of dole-outs.

    Restore Cars..Recycle…Patronize local businesses…and help save the Environment!

  3. Sr-FairladyZ says:

    Mustn’t crush! Mustn’t Kill!

  4. Nigel says:

    Toyota needs to get some of its people to learn the “lost art of thinking”.

  5. Rob says:

    i was really upset about C4C when it was first announced but most of our classics are safe. (Save the Nissan 300ZX but i believe most Z owners these days are Z owners because they WANT to be)

    That said, it is sad to see Toyota’s business culture of only looking forward and compelte disdain for the past. True, the first Toyota’s weren’t the best (as shown in JNC issue 1) but Toyota’s complete lack of acknowledgement of 50 years in America and complete murder of their sporting lineup was just validated by this advertisement crushing an important vehicle in their history.

    Akio Toyoda hurry up!!!!

  6. Toyotageek says:

    I hate to say this, but Toyota isn’t about ‘car enthusiasts,’ Toyota is about ‘consumers’

  7. Oyaji Gaijin says:

    Top Gear S13 E07 News, Jeremy Clarkson:
    The thing is this: If you buy a rubbish car, what you are saying is ‘I have no interest in cars.’ If you have no interest in cars, you have no interest in driving. And if you have no interest in something, it means you’re no good at it. Which means you must have your driving license taken away.”

    This may illustrate why it is a bad idea to hire gaijin who have no passion for cars, to sell your cars outside Japan. Or it may show a company wide lack of passion about cars, in Japan and among the distributors.

    Either way, “salesmen” should not be hired to sell cars, because they don’t care about the product, and won’t be able to sell the product well. And it may show that the company has lost their passion for cars and no longer has any business making them, because they don’t care about what they are doing.

  8. Bob says:

    Saw this commercial on TV, was similarly horrified.

  9. vballin says:

    They must’ve known what they were doing. It takes some effort to render a 3D 2-door FJ60 out of thin air. As much as I dislike C4C, I can’t really blame Toyota for advertising it. In this economy, w/ car sales what they are, it just make business sense.

  10. 4AGE KE70 says:

    What? Another one? Oh,man,I think they don’t have a classic or retro feeling. If they want cash,SELL it,don’t CRUSH it,it may hurt our feelings,save Japanese classics for youngsters like us,don’t destroy it.

  11. Komeuppance says:

    Toyota also uses a modified cressida in another commercial.

    Toyota what happened to you man? You used to be cool (10 years ago). Since you canceled the Supra with no replacement, you failed.

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