Mooneyes Crown Picnic Celebrates 20 Years

mooneyes crown picnic 2
It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite nostalgic, but if I had a tanto against my finger I’d probably yell out “Toyota Crown!” at the last minute. Show me photos of the annual Mooneyes Crown Picnic and you might as well siphon the drool directly from my salivary glands. 

mooneyes crown picnic 3
Mooneyes held the first Crown Picnic in 1990, meaning it’s been going strong for 20 years! As with past years, the gathering took place at Mooneyes HQ in Honmoku, Yokohama.

mooneyes crown picnic
Even with two decades under its belt that’s no match for the Crown itself. The model name has been in continuous use since 1955.

mooneyes crown picnic toyopet s30
The S30 Toyopet Crown ushered in the first generation of Crowns. Due to their suicide doors, they’re known as the kannon Crown, named after the double door Buddhist shrines that used to adorn Japanese homes. We’ve loved this mint green one ever since laying eyes upon it at the 2007 New Year Meeting.

mooneyes crown picnic toyopet s30 b
On Halloween JNC readers debated what the Angel of Death might drive and bert suggested a slammed black Toyopet Crown. So basically, the Grim Reaper lives in Yokohama. If someone were to build a sinister sled like this in the US, “Kannon Ball” would be the perfect name.

mooneyes crown picnic toyota s40 wagon 1
Regular readers know that I harbor an irrational desire to become one, like Turbo Teen, with any vintage Japanese wagon I see. But can you really argue with that logic when gazing upon something as gorgeous as this S40 Crown Wagon?

mooneyes crown picnic toyota s50 pickup 2
Yet if there’s anything I covet more than Crown wagon, it’s a Crown pickup. This dropped S50 Crown Pickup on SpeedMaster wheels is cooler than Pluto in winter. Worst of all, we didn’t get any open-backs stateside.

mooneyes crown picnic toyota s50 sedan 1
Then again, a jet black S50 Crown Sedan, also on SpeedMasters, is pretty darned awesome too. Decisions, decisions.

mooneyes crown picnic toyota s50 sedan 2
Black flatness + white walls = pure evil.

mooneyes crown picnic toyota s50 sedan 4
I would even sell my soul to have a simple, classic, white one, with or without fender mirrors. Even with stock wheels, all it needs is a proper dump to make my heart go pitter-patter.

mooneyes crown picnic toyota s50 wagon
But then I see the wagons…

mooneyes crown picnic toyota s50 wagon surf

Coolest feature: The rear window rolls down into the tailgate. It’s an exhaust vacuum but brain cells are a small price to pay for a ride this cool.

mooneyes crown picnic toyota s53 hardtop
The MS51 Crown Hardtop Coupe was considered high-end stuff at the time, and is the rarest body styles for this generation.

mooneyes crown picnic toyota s53 hardtop2
It’s too bad they didn’t come with quad round headlights, but rectangular ones were considered more sophisticated and thus more befitting of a luxury coupe. I’m torn like wrapping paper on Christmas morning.

mooneyes crown picnic toyota s60 sedan 1
Devoted toyotaku will know that kujira, the nickname given to the S60 Crowns, means “baleen whale” in Japanese, which is what the car’s terraced front end reminded them of.

mooneyes crown picnic toyota s60 sedan 2
The kujiras are the newest generations allowed through the gates at the Crown Picnic. Mooneyes does it strictly old school. Look at those gorgeous behinds. That does, it. I’m calling it for the kujira before my pinky bites the dust.

mooneyes crown picnic toyota s60 sedan 3
As if it wasn’t hard enough to find a set of nice wheels. Crowns add another layer of difficulty by having five-lugs. But painted steelies never hurt anyone, and we’d probably go with a rebanded set.

mooneyes crown picnic toyota s60 sedan
Just imagine gliding down Tokyo’s elevated expressways in this beauty, all in a vaguely 1970s sepia-toned haze.

mooneyes crown picnic toyota s75 hardtop
Someone alert Captain Ahab, because here’s a great white whale.

mooneyes crown picnic visor
Some people bring parts to sell at the picnic. I want that visor! For many more pics, click here. If this is somehow still not enough Crown madness for you, here are photos from Crown Picnic 2008.

Hat tip to toyotageek!

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23 Responses to Mooneyes Crown Picnic Celebrates 20 Years

  1. Skylines&Zs says:

    What a Beautiful gathering. You should do an article on this gathering and on the Crown. Well Done

  2. Kev says:

    So much win in one place…

  3. Lincoln Stax says:

    I so desperately want that white kujira coupe. That is sex on wheels.

  4. E-AT_me says:

    i :heart: mooneyes in general.. but this is just soooo cool..

  5. bert says:

    Several years ago I had an altercation with the Grim Reaper. He was driving the black Crown and eating Giga Pudding! I barely escaped the flaming balls of pudding…………..

    These cars are awesome! I just wish I was able to buy that 70 Crown for sale a couple months ago. Damn swine flu!

  6. bert says:

    The MS50 Crown coupes are gorgous, even with the square headlights! Anyone know if they were sold in the States?

  7. Jake says:

    What?! A Mooneyes Crown Picnic without the yellow Mooneyes Toyopet?!

  8. Jovet says:

    Crown galore! Thanks for sharing, love the photos too!

  9. bert says:

    I just found out last night that the 70 Crown I was trying to buy was sold. The punk who bought it paid $750 and a printer! The seller told me that if the car didn’t sell before the last add expired, he was just going to keep it “due to lack of interest” I was plenty interested and wanted to make a deal with him but he never called me back! His wife told me they still had the car, but their son was probably going to keep it. That was the weekend before Halloween when the ad expired. The next week I had a burning fever, dizzines, and temporary amnesia! I guess the car sold while I was sick. Now it is posted on Puget Sound Toyota Owners Club forum, where the buyer says it runs great and he’s having a blast with it! THIS IS SOOOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Randy says:

    I can’t believe I sold my 1972 Crown Deluxe Wagon this year. Fellow who bought at least is going to do it up right, slammed and stock. Great pix too.

  11. bert says:


  12. Jake says:

    Yeah Bert I am sorry about the car but I assure you that she will be well taken care of! If you want to see it I will be at the NW Toy Run on Dec. 5 PSTOC meets at Griots Garage at 10:30. And yes, you can keep track of the project here on JNC!

  13. bert says:

    @Jake, I don’t mean to be a whiny brat! It’s just that I have been looking for a good project car for a long time and every time I get close something bad happens! This time I was able to get my wife excited about it( thats really rare!) I have had some health issues recently that have narrowed my options as to what kind of car I can drive. Example: A few months ago my wife had to carry me on her back into the doctors office cause my legs wouldn’t work. The Crown was very comfortable and is big enough not to cramp my legs and back. Not only that but Toyota Crowns are just awesome! You have yourself one great car there! I might be able to meet you on the fifth. Where’s Griots Garage?

  14. Jake says:

    Griot’s Garage – Car Care Retail Store
    3500-A 20th Street E.
    Tacoma, WA 98424 Pacific Raceways @ 12:00

    It would be cool if you can make it to the toy run, it is fun too! There were over 700 cars that showed up last year to give toys to needy kids for Christmas!

  15. Jake says:

    Who knows maybe I’ll make it down to Cali one of these days for ToyotaFest or JCCS!!!

  16. bert says:

    @Jake-Only if you take me with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jake says:

    No problem!!! But my wife gets shotgun!

  18. darren says:

    I have a 1970 crown deluxe model ms55l mostly original. sunroof must have been added with paintjob still has tool kit w/tools still in plastic wrap. wheel chokes (at least i think they are) reddeer alberta.

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