Models! No, Made of Plastic. Of Cars, That Is

Look closely. Closer. Notice something? If you can believe it, these are not images of real cars. Their creator, known only as pcman, is one of the most talented scale model builders we have ever seen, through a glue-induced haze or otherwise. The photos of this TE27 and AE86 look flat out real, and many of the kits and accessories on his cars, from braided lines to body kits to million-point roll cages, are custom made from scratch. Check out his astoundng galleries of wild bosozoku pimpmobiles and race-ready hachirokus here and here. He even offers step-by-step DIY photos for those curious about his mad skills.

For some excellent masterpieces by our very own JNC’ers, check out this forum thread.

Source: [pcman]

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2 Responses to Models! No, Made of Plastic. Of Cars, That Is

  1. van says:

    Damn, that is a phenomenal level of skill right there! And I thought Alfadog’s 240Z model’s engine work was amazing, haha (which it is, mind you!)

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