Mizuno Works, For All Your Kyushakai Needs

Need a gurachan spoiler and some wicked fender flares for your kenmeri Skyline? Swing by Saitama’s Mizuno Works, a shop specializing in bosozoku style bombers.

For just ¥84,000 (about 936 weak ass dollars) you can get a set of four wide enough to slide 10-inchers in front and thirteens out back.

The most useful piece might just be this chin spoiler for ¥12,600 ($140). Oh, and the KGC210 Skyline Japan is absolutely boss too.

Mizuno Works specializes in the S30 Z, hakosuka, kenmeri, Skyline Japan, and – get this – GX71! The website is still being filled in but we can’t wait to see what Mark II goodies we can dream about slapping on the Cressida.

In the meantime, here are some more banners. For you to drool over.





One more shot of the KGC210 for the road. Thanks, Riverside.

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9 Responses to Mizuno Works, For All Your Kyushakai Needs

  1. Awesome but, you know why that KHGC210 looks SO sweet?

    It’s been photoshopped. It should be obvious when you look for it.

  2. Walter says:

    The most laughable trend in all of the hobby is what they do to the tires-stretching them around the wheels. That crap is for kids!

  3. Nigel says:

    I dig that Laurel with the Shadow Spokes on !!

  4. Alexi says:

    You mean “gurachan”?

  5. colink says:

    wow some cool looking cars

  6. big O says:

    Maybe im looking in the wrong place but I dont see the “photoshopped” part of the car. Awesome cars though.

  7. @ O

    Check along the top of the photos and also note the lack of shadow on the top of the sidewalls…

  8. Rob says:

    so cool… perfect time killing at work!

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