Mitsubishi Starion of Pure Evil

Continuing simultaneously on our Cars of Pure Evil theme and our commitment to bring you more triple diamond coverage, here’s JNC reader Komeuppance‘s Mitsubishi Starion. The strut casings have been sliced and the exhaust probably sparks at speed. If  this car were any lower, it’d be in Hell itself. Appropriately, his license plate reads “SLAMMD”. And oh yeah, it’s his daily driver.

Slammed indeed.

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12 Responses to Mitsubishi Starion of Pure Evil

  1. bert says:

    A lot of cars look really good with the right stance and a good powder coat on the stock wheels! He might want to tuck the spendy exhaust though!

  2. Neil says:

    Awesome! been seeing a lot of these cars latley, Speedhunters also mentioned them earlier this week. Great to see them finaly get some coverage.

  3. DerrickS says:

    When I was rocking a starquest (starion/conquest), I would get more looks and thumbs up than most anything. People just don’t see them anymore, and let’s face it, these cars look fantastic from every angle. The stock wheels cannot be improved upon, IMO. I always wanted a black one…

  4. TommyJ says:

    My friend bought a Starquest 3 years ago, no matter what we did to get it running it would never work properly, I swear he bought the only one that had problems (kinda blame ourselves too because e bit off more than we could chew). Its a sweet car but it slowly drove my friend insane. Anyways, awesome car!

  5. slickwrick says:

    would my 71 colt count for triple diamond coverage?

    thats a nice starion!!!

  6. joe says:

    Man I love starions/conquests, they’ve always seemed to be the odd ball, but look so good doing it, the rally history doesnt hurt either

  7. A187PILOT says:

    I LOVE my starion. HER name is Jackie. SHE is RED,FAST,LOYAL,& SEXXXsy.

  8. bobberz says:

    Awesome! So this is what it would’ve looked like if Jackie Chan was casted for “Knight Rider” instead of Hasselhoff!

  9. DJpowerhaus says:

    bobberz. Check out Canonball Run II. Jackie Chan in a black Starion racing across the US.

  10. Komeuppance says:

    LOL… I did not realize this was posted on your blog… until now. Thanks for the props!! Hehe… I did lower it a bit again.


  11. WTFaNG says:

    88-89 Airdamn please

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