VIDEO: Mitsubishi sends off the Lancer Evolution by showing you how it was made

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition factory 07

It’s the end of the line for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The company is building 1,000 Final Edition cars for Japan and another 1,600 for North America. After that, they’ll be no more. The Final Edition cars will get several trim and mechanical upgrades, and a slight bump in horsepower. UPDATE: the US version will get the Japanese version’s 308 PS (303 hp).

To honor the last of the LanEvos, Mitsubishi has put together a video showing how the car was built at its Mizushima plant and Shiga powertrain factory. Even if you prefer older Mitsus, are a Subaru loyalist, or have a burning hatred for team Emperor, it’s impossible not to feel a twinge of sadness as we bid this iconic rally car for the street a fond sayonara.

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7 Responses to VIDEO: Mitsubishi sends off the Lancer Evolution by showing you how it was made

  1. Currey says:

    Gran Turismo 7 intro……..

  2. Andrew says:

    Figures were release this morning, probably just after this was posted.

    “(MMNA) today announced the details of the limited-production 2015 Lancer Evolution Final Edition. Arguably the originator of the four-door sports car genre, the Lancer Evolution has seen ten generations – three of which were sold in the U.S. over 12 years. To send it off in style, Mitsubishi Motors will offer 1,600 numbered Final Edition models to the U.S. market with a MSRP of $37,995.

    The Lancer Evolution Final Edition is based off the current GSR model, with exterior and interior enhancements not previously offered on the GSR. The heart of the Final Edition is a 5-speed transmission paired with a turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder 2.0L engine, producing 303 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 305 lb-ft torque at 4,000 rpm. Performance is further enhanced by use of lightweight two-piece Brembo® brake rotors up front, accompanied by Bilstein shock absorbers and Eibach springs at all four corners. As with all 2015 Lancer Evolutions, the Final Edition model features Mitsubishi’s innovative and unmatched Super All-Wheel control system.

    The Final Edition model receives exterior upgrades including a Final Edition badge in the rear, black painted aluminum roof, dark chrome painted Enkei® alloy wheels, gloss black center bumper and hood air outlet and dark chrome front grille surround. Final Edition models will be offered in four colors: new Pearl White, Rally Red, Mercury Gray and Octane Blue.

    Inside, a numbered plaque on the center console denotes each of the 1,600 units created. In addition, Final Edition models receive a black headliner, pillars, sun visors and assist handles, and red accent stitching for sport seats, steering wheel, shift knob, console lid, floormats and e-brake handle.”

  3. Coltspeed says:

    Good riddens! Mitsubishi needs to start from scratch and totally rebuild it’s lineup. That’s only gonna happen if they fire whomever has been making the poor decisions up till now. Let’s start by going RWD and modeling their cars after BMW instead of Camry or Kia. We also want a flagship Coupe to challenge the GT-R. How low does Mitsubishi have to fall before it can be reborn!

  4. Sedanlover says:

    I think it’s funny how the engines get assembled… go on a little conveyor belt trip and then get turned 90 degrees… as if to say, “this engine will be transversely mounted”.

    Shoulda kept ’em North/South oriented Mitsubishi! Probs woulda sold more! Or not. Whateva

  5. Yoda says:

    IMO they should put the 303hp Final Edition Evo powertrain in the Mirage; with the substantial shedding of weight, especially if they keep it FWD only (*evilgrin*) it would be a blast.

  6. Wagoneer says:

    This is Mitsubishi’s last proper car. A few years back they announced they aim to be producing 100% electric vehicles by 2020. This brand died a long time ago and has been running on fumes for a many years, largely due to mismanagement. They will never challenge the likes of Toyota or Nissan and never make another WRC winning rally car. Sad, really very sad. I will be surprised if they even survive that long.

  7. VincenzoL says:

    Such a shame to see Mitsubishi in it’s current state. Looking back to 2002 when Subaru finally brought the WRX to the US, then all of sudden out of nowhere the following year Mitsubishi brought the Evo to the US, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better in 2004 Subaru brought over the STi. These were unbelievable times! I’m on my second boosted Subaru now, but I’m very sad to see the competition leaving the market. I’m hoping the new Focus RS can put a much needed fire under Subaru’s butt and that they stop resting on their laurels. Those years when Subaru and Mitsubishi were duking it out were legendary!

    On a side note, how great is this send off? This would never happen if it weren’t for the social media and content driven era we currently live in. Think of all the other cars we love from the bubble era and if they had received this kind of send off vs vanishing from the production line with nary a whisper.

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