What a Japanese Redneck Would Drive

Whilst browsing The Intarwebs last weekend we came across this feat of fabrication. Why anyone would ute the Triple Diamond’s executive town car is something we, sadly, do not have the answer to. What we do have is a Mitsubishi Debonair pickup.

The craftsmanship appears quite good, even incorporating the original car’s rear greenhouse and upkick in rear quarter panel. Seems like it’d be a royal bitch to load the bed though, as its rear tailgate doesn’t open and employs a high-riding stance that looks 4WD capable — a Pajero chassis, perhaps?

[Images: Corism]

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7 Responses to What a Japanese Redneck Would Drive

  1. Lukas says:

    Definately a Pajero-Chassis. The wheels are the original alloy-ones from the 1991 – 1994 Pajero GLS.

  2. E-AT_me says:

    i like it. would only add a functional tail gate.. hoping it’s a turbo diesel!!

  3. Killer Tofu says:


  4. Tyler says:

    That actually looks pretty badass.

  5. shaun says:

    Wow they chopped a expensive model, that looks to be a a31, those front fenders would fetch a grip. Parts are very hard to find for the early cars and maybe it was rusted out? Cant saay I really like it, but it’s different.

  6. Jun says:

    So awesome. Makes my 620 4×4 seem tame! A functional tailgate would make it perfect.

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