Mister Bishi’s Motoring Museum


Heh, Mister Bishi. You see what I did there.

Mitsubishi—a company for which I’ve not yet been able to find an appealing enough classic to feature on grandJDM—have got a great section of their website devoted to keeping stans informed about the history of the company. When a lot of car enthusiasts think of Mitsus, they think of Evos. And fair enough, because not much else of the caltrops western-released wares in recent years has been especially worthy of any drooling.

But looking back, the Colt range is an example of a damn fine Mitsu—at least as far as I’m concerned. And that’s just from a sports perspective, without even thinking about the wealth of other classic Mitsus shown at their museum. So jump over there and check it out.

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  1. Speedstar says:

    Mitsy had a great rallying heritage right from the early beginnings starting with the 16L AII GS in 1970 winning the southern cross rally in ’72 with the 4g32 1600. its seldom celebrated these early triumphs, but I did see the unveiling of the Evo X with the 1600 GSR Lancer on display, the first gen FTO would be worth doing an article on also, your right the Colts were a great little handful of cars, its almost like it all just fizzled out in the late 70’s early 80’s though.

  2. Brian says:

    Had the 1974 GS 2L model GTO.Single cam,twin side draught carbs.These models made it to New Zealand & can still be found in various condition.
    I am at the moment trying to locate another(sold my last)to hold on to.They are such a fun ride,and when well tuned,go like snot!
    Question?with all the interest in the 70s coupes(gtos,rx’s,sss’s)why do the car makers not go back to a similar styling? so much better than the nanas shopping cart style on offer today,eg.the ugly 2 door hatch or grandad sedan.

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