MINICARS: Transformers Masterpiece Datsun 280ZX — Bluestreak and Prowl return

Transformers Masterpiece Bluestreak Datsun 280ZX 01

Many JNC readers (and staffers) are of a certain age, one where their childhood memories are filled with golden afternoons glued to television screens to watch the epic war between Autobot and Decepticon unfold. I am of that age, and I still remember the very moment when I tore the wrapping paper off my first Transformer. It was Bluestreak, the Datsun 280ZX with shoulder mounted laser cannons, and it was the happiest fucking day of my life. Now Takara Tomy, the Japanese toy giant that brought us Tomica, has released a highly realistic remake of my embodiment of  joy in 1984. 

Transformers Masterpiece Bluestreak Datsun 280ZX 04

The original always did have weird proportions, but the new Transformers Masterpiece line not only has the right dimensions, but is highly detailed, complete with fender mirrors and proper S130 wheels.

Transformers Masterpiece Prowl Datsun 280ZX police 01

Of course, where there is Bluestreak there’s also his patrol car twin, Prowl. As adults, we realize it’s just a way to squeeze more money out of the same design, but it’s still darn cool. The third 280ZX in the trio, Smokescreen, is coming as well, though no photos have been released.

Transformers Masterpiece Bluestreak Prowl Sideswipe

Completing the current lineup is Sideswipe, the red Lamborghini Countach in the same glorious realism. List price appears to be around $80, so I probably won’t be reliving my youth with one any time soon. The price is just too crazy for me. Clearly it’s better to have 80 Hot Wheels instead! See the gallery below for their robot forms.

Photos: TFW2005

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13 Responses to MINICARS: Transformers Masterpiece Datsun 280ZX — Bluestreak and Prowl return

  1. Nigel says:

    Yep, I was still watching Saturday cartoons at age sixteen.
    (Just did the math).

  2. DerrickS says:

    Awesome! Remember the little clear red piece of plastic that used to come in the packages, so you could hold it up to the included bar graphs and see each characters strength numbers for certain performance criteria?

    These look great. BTW, my first was Sideswipe.

  3. J.A.C.K. says:

    i just saw in a local toy store the 350z alternate version of megatron that was also put out by takara tomy

  4. John M says:

    They are cool, but $80 seems like “highway” robbery. In a related story, the spelling police are on the lookout for a “patorol” car.

  5. jivecom says:

    man. i never liked this gen of Z-car, but that countach looks amazing
    these days though it seems like $80 would get you one of those huge transformer sets that had two trucks who could combine into a big robot that really hurts a lot when it falls over on you because it can’t support its own weight

    • tennhogfan says:

      Whenever an S130 gets some publicity, someone sends out a beacon to S30 headquarters. Go sit in your S30 and STFU. We ZX fans don’t care whether or not you “liked” this gen or not.

      • kevin Buan says:

        the s130 is one of the best looking jap cars from the 80s, you deserve a slap in the face if you dont think this is sexy:

  6. mazdaspeedrex says:

    As a multiple FB Rx7 owner, I had to find the Autobot Rx7 named, ironically, Camshaft. Thanks, ebay, it now sits with all of my diecasts. It was used, but it was only $12. I don’t think I would pay $80 for a remake version. I do like the idea of bringing old school j-tin toys to new light, just price them reasonably.

    • DerrickS says:

      Hey! being an FB owner myself, I had to google that since I’d never seen one. He was mail order only according to a wiki I read. Pretty cool, but yes, dumb name! I do seem to remember having a catalog that showed many robots I never saw in the store – when my mom would drop me off in the toy isle and let me roam while she did her shopping. Simpler times, and probably one reason I relate to J-tin more than any other car type.

  7. Tristin says:

    Looks like a few more to add to my BRE 280zx Transformer. Hopefully I can pick these up too… BRE 280zx

  8. LTDScott says:

    Highway Patorolol

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