MINICARS: The 1/18 cars of your dreams are now for sale

1:18 Toyota 2000GT custom 05

A few months ago this slammed Toyota 2000GT spread like a gasoline fire across Teh Interwebz. Many thought it was real. Of course, 2000GTs are so rare that anyone who’d really shakotan one would simultaneously be considered a god among men and Satan himself. 

1:18 Toyota 2000GT custom 06

In fact, it’s a custom diecast built from a 1:18 scale AutoArt model. The RS-Watanabe wheels were cast from resin and measure 7mm in front, 9mm in back. The “tires” are also made from resin, and even sport the Bridgestone Potenza tread pattern.

1:18 Toyota 2000GT custom 07

Now it’s for sale on Yahoo Japan Auctions, and as of this writing has been bid up to ¥11,099 ($111 USD). That’s a bargain, considering the basic stock-ride-height AutoArt model will run you about $100. But that’s not all.

1:18 Nissan Skyline hakosuka custom 05

The builder/seller, who goes by the name Krazys_boss224, is also selling a 1:18 model of every Nissan nut’s wet dream hakosuka.

1:18 Nissan Skyline hakosuka custom 09

Again, the base model is a highly detailed AutoArt Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R, and its deep barrel Wats and tires are resin. The hako comes with an added on resin chin spoiler as well to complete the shakotan package.

1:18 Nissan Skyline hakosuka custom 08

The Skyline is going for a bit more, ¥16,000 ($160) as of this writing. You might not be able to afford your real dream nostalgic, but you can now at least have a drool-inducing replica on your desk.

Krazys_boss224’s customs aren’t limited to Nihon steel, either. See some of his other creations below.

1:18 Ferrari F40 LM 1:18 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 1:18 Lotus Europa

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17 Responses to MINICARS: The 1/18 cars of your dreams are now for sale

  1. Nigel says:

    Very very, nice !!

  2. Tyler says:

    I wonder if he would take a commission!

  3. Brian says:

    Woah, what the hell is that bottom one?

  4. derek says:

    brian, the bottom one is a lotus europa. japanese love that car

  5. acbpanda says:


  6. jkwade says:

    Dat Europa.

  7. Killer Tofu says:

    The 2000GT looks really cool with the drop, but I’m glad it’s fake.

  8. Steve says:

    “…simultaneously be considered a god among men and Satan himself….”


    Wow, now I gotta get one. (The stock 2000GT)

  9. GEN2TWINCAM says:

    Some of us still don’t get this – like we don’t get stick-on air scoops and Pep Boys spoilers.
    Just sayin’.

  10. cesariojpn says:

    Nice way to ruin the values of real cars.

    • rich says:

      they’re models, wtf are you talking about? and if they were real, there’s nothing wrong with them. the only car besides the exotics that holds real value is the 2000gt anyway. a hako is not an expensive car.

  11. Daniel vega says:

    First time I slobber on my book.

  12. DerrickS says:

    They look broken

  13. Stuart trueman says:

    Are there models of the red Lamborghini gallardo lp570 superleggera for sale in the UK.

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