MINICARS: Sung Kang’s Fugu Z is now a Hot Wheels

Sung Kang Fugu Z Hot Wheels

We’ve known it was coming for quite some time, but now it’s official. Over Instagram, Fast & Furious actor Sung Kang revealed that his Fugu Z is now immortalized in Hot Wheels form. 

Nissan Datsun 240Z Sung Kang GReddy 03

The finished model appears to have faithfully recreated the Rocket Bunny Pandem body kit and makes a great addition to the Hot Wheels family. Incidentally, in case you’re counting, that now makes three active S30 Z castings in the Hot Wheels lineup, the other two being the USDM-style Datsun 240Z and Jun Imai’s own Nissan Fairlady Z. If you want to go even further back, there’s the 1977 Z-Whiz.

A decade ago it would have been unthinkable to have so many Z castings in the lineup. Let’s not forget there’s also been a Z31, Z32, two Z33s and a Z34. While still far behind the Mustangs and Camaros, continued interest in Japanese cars may just catch them up.

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5 Responses to MINICARS: Sung Kang’s Fugu Z is now a Hot Wheels

  1. they put so much Money in this build and while i don’t like it, it’s up to each own how to create their dream car. but i wonder why the heck they spent so much Money on Styling and then used a USDM fuel filler lid with the ugly lock on it? 20dollar upgrade.

    Well sorry for beeing off-Topic. like the fact that JNC’s continue to get some love at hotwheels 🙂

    • rama says:

      im not much of a fan either, its a shame to see what was a stock chassis treated this way. But everyone has opinions, its also nice to see that the car lives on…

      Interesting to see how a lot of Z’s / 510’s are getting turned into swapped cars, even more to now with the US economy doing well… But shit its been happening since their production, I checked out this purple Scarab about a year ago was cool to see something that survived..

      My buddy is has been an e30 guy, and after hanging out at some of the BMW events you see that “Classic” and “Vintage” e28s, 2002’s get such good treatment from their owners. Not to say that they are not driven, but they are cared for to a greater extent. A shame to see that most Datsun’s don’t get treated with the same regard? Im looking at production numbers, and it seems that there were ~300k-400k 2002’s produced, while there were closer to ~168k 240z’s?

      What ever man, I guess people don’t care about them. I’ll try to take care of the two i have as much as I can.

      IM TOO SALTY! >;p

  2. Nigel says:

    Cool ! There is mini Nissan meet on my work bench at home.

  3. Dimas says:

    Personally i don’t like it myself that Fugu Z. Now that i look at it again i think it will look better on kenmeri i dunno maybe it’s the color, but like you said to each their own.

    Please excuse my ramblings. Still Kudos to them, Hot Wheels got new addition on the lineup.
    Im glad im not a completist.

  4. Whosaidthat says:

    More like FUGLY Z!

    OMG, help me! I’m possessed by a troll.
    Wait, maybe not.

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