MINICARS: Someone 3D-printed a working Toyota 22R-E

If there was one engine that did not need to be preserved digitally, it would be the Toyota 22R-E. They are pretty much indestructible and will likely last beyond human civilization. Still, one clever engineer 3D-modeled a surprisingly faithful replica of the evergreen truck mill — and it moves just like a real one.

The miniature 22R-E has a moving valvetrain, pistons, crankshaft, and accessories. Each layer, from valve cover to head to oil pan, comes apart easily to reveal the moving pieces below. It must have taken a tremendous amount of filament, but the result is pretty neat.

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2 Responses to MINICARS: Someone 3D-printed a working Toyota 22R-E

  1. reiji_tamashii says:

    I might print this one of these days, but what I really want is a 4A-GE version. 🙁

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