MINICARS: NY, LA and Dallas — Go get your Back to the Future diecast Toyotas now!

Back to the Future Toyota Tacoma LA

For Back to the Future Day, Toyota has set up three pop-ups across the country featuring a Tacoma tribute of Marty’s 1985 Toyota SR5. The cars are displayed in a life-size toy box because, well, Toyota is also quietly giving away diecast cars of the very truck! There was no fanfare or official announcement; the toys just popped up on social media, and they will only be available TODAY.

Back to the Future Toyota Tacoma NY

We’ve determined two of the three locations as Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles and  Times Square in New York. In LA they will be there until 9:00 pm. We have no further information about the other locations.

Back to the Future Toyota Tacoma Dallas

The Dallas spot even has a recreation of the scene when Marty first spots the Hilux advertised at the fictional Statler Toyota. However, we can’t tell from the images that Toyota posted where it actually is. Any Dallas dwellers care to chime in?

Back to the Future Toyota Tacoma diecast

And here is the diecast in question, courtesy of Instagrammer @bkkake. As far as we know, today is your only chance. Now go forth and get them!

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4 Responses to MINICARS: NY, LA and Dallas — Go get your Back to the Future diecast Toyotas now!

  1. ya_boy_yeti says:

    Kinda diggin these tacomas hopefully they will rebadge them as hilux one day

  2. Brad Kozeniewski says:

    How can I get a die cast Toyota back to the future truck?

  3. Chris says:

    Almost didn’t get one from the Hollywood location. I saw this just after I got to school. Was super sad that I would be missing this. I then get an email from my teacher saying class was cancelled. Me, seeing this as an act of God, get in my car and brave through traffic for over an hour to get to Hollywood. I ask the guy and he says that they were only giving out 6 per hour and that they had just given out the last one for said hour. He said to check back around 5:30 but I told him that I wouldn’t be able to come back and didn’t know that they were limiting them like that. He then tells me to stick around for a bit and disappears. He comes back a few minutes later and hands me one! Talk about being fortunate. Lol.

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