MINICARS: Mighty Mo A60 Toyota Celica XX Police Car

Speaking of Supras, I recently discovered this old toy while at my mother’s house. I couldn’t remember how I got it or what company made it, but it is an old Toyota Celica XX police car and it’s awesome. 

It’s a plastic friction toy that I would guess is from the 1980s, back when the second-generation A60 Celica XX, known as the Celica Supra in the US, was still new. It’s not a pull back; you push it forward repeatedly until the friction motor builds momentum and then let it go and it’ll scuttle across the kitchen floor. The size is about 1:55 scale, slightly larger than a Hot Wheels but much chunkier.

I think at one point the ridiculously large dome lights are supposed to have lit up, but that doesn’t work any more. The super-deformed proportions are charming, especially the oversized loudspeaker, which is hilarious and looks more like a turbine. That exaggerated tire width would be a no-no in Japan, as all tires must not protrude beyond the fender edge, but I guess when you’re the law you can be above it.

According to the sticker on the license plate the brand was called Mighty Mo, but it must not have been a very successful series because a cursory Google search doesn’t turn up many other cars like it. It’s construction proved very sturdy, however, to have survived all these decades. The white plastic has yellowed though.

The sticker on the side says “Police Department” but I don’t know if there was ever a real Celica XX police car. It would have been almost awesome to be pulled over in one.

This Celica XX was in a box full of Japanese toy cars, so if there is enough interest we can post more.


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14 Responses to MINICARS: Mighty Mo A60 Toyota Celica XX Police Car

  1. Christopher says:

    There was also a Go-Bot that was a white Celica XX police car. I have one on my shelf

    • Ben Hsu says:

      I remember that one! I think it was part of a larger set that included a Z31 as well and combined into one larger robot. The XX was the pelvis.

  2. DH says:

    I think I speak for most readers when I say, yes, more JNC toy cars please!

  3. Speedie says:

    Mighty Mo was a micro car brand made by the Ideal Toy Company. Most of the ones I have seen over the years are american trucks and Jeeps. I have never seen a non american car before. As this one has Japanese signage I would think it was originally made for sale in Japan.

  4. Greg Giacchi says:

    Hi Ben… I own this toy as well. It’s new, in its unopened package. All the box art is written in Japanese. How do I share my photos with you?

  5. bob says:

    post more!

  6. Nigel says:

    This one has that Choro Q look to it. Posting more toy JNC’s would be very cool.

  7. Dcoultis says:

    Post more toys, it’s the only way some of us get our JNC fix!

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