MINICARS: M2 Machines reveals new line of diecast Japanese classics

As Japanese classics gain recognition in the real world, so too do they increase in popularity in the diecast realm. For most of its existence, diecast brand M2 Machines (not to be confused with Mazda’s M2) has focused on detailed miniatures of American muscle cars, hot rods, and the occasional Volkswagen. Later this year, however, they will debut a new line of vintage icons from Japan. 

The first three cars in the line will be familiar to any J-tin aficionado: the Datsun 510, Nissan Fairlady Z432 and Nissan Skyline GT-R. Each one will have three variants —a bone-stock version that looks like it came off a 1:64 showroom floor, a custom version resembling a street-modified or race car, and a hard-to-find chase version similar in concept to a Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt car.

M2’s products and price points are a bit different than those of traditional diecast cars, which can still be bought for a buck and enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. Instead, M2’s focus is on the adult collector with cars retailing for about $5.99.

Most have separate grille, headlight, mirror, and bumper pieces. Most have opening hoods as well, to expose separate engine pieces underneath. The multitude of small parts means that there’s room for a lot of variation, as demonstrated by the stock versus custom versions in the cars shown here.

For example, the Fairlady Z’s custom gets a bumper delete and a lowered ride height. The custom Hakosuka variant gains an air dam and rear spoiler. The custom 510 has a rally-inspired livery with black hood and steel wheels. Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that some of the cars have the JNC inkan on them as well, and we are honored to be a licensing partner with M2.

Look for the M2 Auto-Japan series to hit retail stores later this year. We’ll have more details as the release date approaches.

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10 Responses to MINICARS: M2 Machines reveals new line of diecast Japanese classics

  1. Nigel says:

    I will have to look for these, really like the red Z.

  2. Charlie says:

    yay….. more datsuns…. since you guys are a licensed partner maybe you could suggest they add some other marque’s to the lineup… I mean hotwheels is already doing datsun’s like 8 to 1 over the toyota’s and mazda’s. make no mistake I’m glad to see the jnc’s finally getting some attention and the vintage datsun’s deserve it but no more than the the others.
    how about an isuzu bellet, mitsu GTO, 2000gt {of course} , first gen celica coupe and LB.
    I understand that its really all about money in the end, I’m just dreaming that one day I might actually start finding toyotas on the pegs at my local store instead of having to pay inflated prices on the bay or ordering from japan… thanks for letting me vent. you guys at JNC provide us with a pretty great product.

  3. datsone says:

    Just because the cars are being made doesn’t mean you can find them on the pegs. The more they sell, the more they produce, but demand goes up, too. That’s why all the good ones get grabbed before they even reach the racks and wind up on ebay.

  4. Ant says:

    That’s a great colour on the Bluebird. Will be the usual UK problem for me I suspect though: lack of supply. Difficult enough getting the rarer Hot Wheels here, let alone a brand like M2 Machines.

  5. Cho says:

    I hope the quality is better than the past. The color and liveries are good,clean and tampos smooth. Also NO SKINNY TIRES!! Especially on the race cars.

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