MINICARS: Hot Wheels X JNC Datsun 510 Wagon Super Treasure Hunt

09-IMG_9929_Hot Wheels x JNC Datsun 510 Wagon Super Treasure Hunt

We are proud to show you the latest Hot Wheels to wear the JNC inkan, the long-awaited second color of the immensely popular Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon. However, this is also the third color, because this model is being released as a Super Treasure Hunt, a special variation that will sure to be incredibly difficult to find in stores. 

06-IMG_9919_Hot Wheels x JNC Datsun 510 Wagon Super Treasure Hunt

Each year, 15 castings are selected by the designers at Mattel and given jewel-like metallic finishes, special graphics and rubber tires over special wheels. These Super Treasure Hunt cars are randomly sprinkled into cases, often numbering less than one per 72-car box, making them both ridiculously hard to find and highly sought after.


Many of you will instantly recognize the livery as that of the real-life Datsun 510 wagon owned by Jun Imai, the Hot Wheels designer that has given us so many of our favorite castings, including the hakosuka, kenmeri, Celica, RX-7, AE86 and Datsun 620.

02-IMG_9926_Hot Wheels x JNC Datsun 510 Wagon

It also gathers under one roof all of Jun’s favorite companies, including our friends at JCCS, JDM Legends and Speedhunters.

08-IMG_9928_Hot Wheels x JNC Datsun 510 Wagon Super Treasure Hunt

The Datsun 510 wagon was the surprise hit of 2012, when it appeared unexpectedly in the premium Boulevard lineup (we had the scoop at 2012 JCCS). Many wondered when it would be used again, and this is its first appearance in the basic line. 2014 has already been a fantastic year for collectors of Japanese model Hot Wheels, but until now the Super Treasure Hunts have all been muscle cars. Leave it to Jun to knock a love letter to JNCers out of the park at the bottom of the ninth.

11-IMG_9952_Hot Wheels x JNC Datsun 510 Wagon Super Treasure Hunt

Both will likely hit shelves in September, and it has been speculated that it will hit during the last K-Day of the year. Though the 510 wagon is not a Kmart exclusive, for many opening a fresh case at the retailer will be their best bet to score one. Unfortunately, Kmart has just announced a round of store closings. Hopefully you’ll be able to find one hanging on the pegs.

We thought there would be no higher honor than having the JNC inkan on a regular Treasure Hunt last year with the Mazda RX-7. Turns out there’s an even greater privilege.

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7 Responses to MINICARS: Hot Wheels X JNC Datsun 510 Wagon Super Treasure Hunt

  1. Jarod047 says:

    Good stuff…. but when are we getting MkII GTI, Starion, Gen2 RX-7, Z31, S13 Silvia, and Sentra Sport Coupe?

  2. Dave says:

    Saw/heard about this a while ago, and desperately wanting it! (I totally missed out on the blvd one and was never able to find it, and I have a personal rule to not ebay for these…) Just the regular red one is good; I pretty much don’t even hold out hope for finding Supers myself. Beautiful model. I especially love the blue JNC inkan.

    • bobby chuan says:

      i dont think you’ll be able to find these things at the toystore….the staff of the toy store is a hotwheel collector themselves…if u find any of these model you are one lucky bastard. hhaaha

  3. Dom says:

    they are already selling on ebay for $100+

    • dickie says:

      i hope those sellers asking ridiculous prices end up sitting on those cars their whole miserable lives, and when they die some deserving kid picks them up for <$1.00 at the estate sale.

  4. Yuri says:

    Sigh, why do they always have to be the hard to find editions?

  5. Nigel says:

    I got the black Hako and two 620’s this past weekend.

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