MINICARS: Hot Wheels is making an EG Honda Civic

In what is certain to be one of the most earth-shattering bits of diecast news this year, Hot Wheels has revealed that it will be making an EG Honda Civic. Hondas have been the logical go-to for attainable classics as of late, and there has been a strong resurgence in its popularity. We’ve been very pleased with the presence of the EF Civic in the lineup since 2014, but while it was popular in its day, the in terms of tuner culture the EG was ground zero.

Designed by Hot Wheels’ resident Honda head Ryu Asada, the EG was revealed initially on the Hot Wheels Dream Team Instagram account. It has been translated to 1:64 scale with Asada’s excellent sense of proportion, its unmistakable greenhouse and sleek profile perfectly represented.

According to Ryu himself, the car shown in these photos is merely a prototype. The 10-spokes are for test-fitting, and when it is ultimately released it will sport different wheels. An EG hatch with mud flaps and rare 15-inch wheels was the iconic look for this car, finishing off the look and scraping on the pavement. It’s brilliant how Ryu incorporated the flaps into the base and nailed the look perfectly. The casting looks great from any angle, and is sure to be a model that goes thermo-nuclear when it hits the shelves.

Images courtesy of Hot Wheels Dream Team.


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7 Responses to MINICARS: Hot Wheels is making an EG Honda Civic

  1. Tim Mings says:

    The big story is the N600 casting coming soon. Rumored to also be a BAJA 1000 version to commemorate the 50th anniversary of American HONDA’S first race car effort.

  2. Samuel Ace says:

    That new EG Honda civic coming out is awesome. ? I will be on the hunt for this one and I can’t wait to add this one to my hotwheels collection. ?

  3. marlonsamuel says:

    This is so nice! since Jun Imai left, Ryu Asada is one of few JNC´s lovers in HW design team;
    I will be hoping for this but in a Car culture series;

    I hope some day Ryu Asada can finally include Sunnys on the line up.

  4. Jnc HW Fan says:

    A Hot Wheels rendition of the all classic EG Civic and an actual Hot Wheels 1:64 scaled EG model is a JNC diecast car collector’s blessing!

    The decision to use 15″ inch wheels in scaled sizing and a noticeable front spoiler is accurately favorable.

    However the incorporation of mudflaps (if this will be included on the final design) is not, and detracts from the EG Civic’s overall racing and sporty hot hatch profile.

    I’m sure many others would agree since both Hot Wheels versions of the Civic EF Civic and ’88 CRX sported a cleaner, neutral look without the mudflaps.

    Thank you Hot Wheels Dream Team for finally making this fan favorite possible,


    If you read this message please carefully reconsider the usage of mudflaps on this popular design!

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