MINICARS: Wow, Hot Wheels made a Hakosuka Wagon

If you had told us, say, 10 years ago that one day there would be a Hot Wheels Hakosuka wagon, we would’ve never believed you. Nevertheless, here is a prototype of the Nissan Skyline Wagon prototype in all its diecast glory. 

The Hakosuka Skyline wagons are not the most common sight, even in Japan. Basing it on the Skyline sedan, Nissan preserved the trademark “surf line” cutting over the rear wheel well. The Hot Wheels prototype accentuates that detail perfectly, possibly even better than the real car. It’s also slammed and tucked, something that would take a lot of work to replicate on the real deal because of its solid rear axle layout. We think it looks fantastic.

Also of note, the grille is not connected to the chassis, as is the case on many Hot Wheels cars. It appears to be part of the interior which could mean there are variations down the line (Hot Wheels has been known to use different interiors in the same casting — see the roll cage and non-roll cage versions of the Hakosuka GT-X). Hot Wheels has said that the colors are not production, but we don’t know yet what the actual colors will be. This is also a casting that will debut in a premium line. 2018 should be an interesting year for collectors of JNC Hot Wheels.

Image: Hot Wheels Dream Team

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7 Responses to MINICARS: Wow, Hot Wheels made a Hakosuka Wagon

  1. Colin Brown says:

    I have 2 1971 crazy rare U.S.D.M. cars that I believe MAY be the ONLY 2 IN THE U.S……I have actually 2 models based on the 1971 Toyota T27 Coupe..One is a Levin and the other is a 71 Trueno.My parents bought them as a pair..They arent the regular 71 Toyota Corollas. These were in the showroom at ARLINGTON TX…Both are 100% original and have been garage keot.They are RED 5 SPEED carsboth are similar but bv wheels are different..They BOTH came with original 13inch Wheels which my dad ordered as options..He got a searbelt option as well as cold air strakes on the hood and and a air damn that directsctge air to the discs..This was 1971 and had discs..The lower spoilers are quite different but function the same.Im typing blind right now because I ran out of space BUT I wanted to share this to possibly get a reply.They are not RHD cars..They ARE left as any other U.S car but have fender flares,deck lid ls,a DOHC 1.6
    My pop bought them both for $3280 for both because he drove a Cream over black 65 Dodge Coronet Hemi 4 speed. And my mom drove a White over Red 63 Ford Fairlane 427 4 speed.My they were both my dads and when he married my mom in 1970 the Big block cars were to loud for a family.I still have all the cars and my pop is still driving all of them..He got AC added to the Yodas and it sits under the dash on them.Ive taken them to Toyota many times and they get swarmmed..The Service guys have looked and called..These cars dont show up as being NORTH AMERICAN CARS..They show up as Euro Spec..Whats other peoples opinions? i have MORE info its just im out of room and im curious about how people feel about these models…Id love to show them to others.I have a # of other REAL JDM cars suchbas a RHD 1970 Toyota HiLux bought from the same dealership as a RHD as well as #306 1990 R32 NISMO with 82xxkilometers’ I bought from the same collector as I did a Mariner Blue Eunos Roadster with 4900 kilometers with plastic on everything including the hardtop headliner.Ill post other carsxwith pics in future of possible to attach them

  2. Samuel Ace says:

    That new Nissan skyline wagon coming out is awesome. I will be on the hunt for this one thumbs up.

  3. RX626 says:

    I am pleased that they kept the surf line.
    It will be HW of the best wagon among me.

  4. Toyotageek says:

    A Toyota Crown wagon would look good next to that…

  5. Matchthebox says:

    If you can’t wait for the Hot Wheels, Tomica already released a TLV wagon set with the JAF livery a few years ago.

  6. Jaimemonster says:

    Odd choice.. seeing almost nobody actually owns one these–except for a very, very few in Japan

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