MINICARS: Hot Wheels celebrates Nissan’s 50th anniversary of Z and GT-R

Hot Wheels is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Z and GT-R nameplates this year. There’s an entire Nissan-only series in the main line, a first for a Japanese marque. On the official Hot Wheels YouTube channel, each series gets its own stop-motion video for kids, and the Nissan one was just released, titled “Nissan Horsepower Legends.”

There’s cherry blossoms, a winding mountain road, and drifting — everything you could want in a Japanese video. The cars include a blue R32, red R33 and green R34 (which also comes in a Super Treasure Hunt version) Skyline GT-R, as well as a yellow Nissan Fairlady Z and a new Z32 300ZX casting making its debut in white. It’s one of the best stop-motion clips Hot Wheels has done, and we’re glad it stars some of our favorite cars.

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6 Responses to MINICARS: Hot Wheels celebrates Nissan’s 50th anniversary of Z and GT-R

  1. Samuel Ace says:

    Awesome hotwheels Nissan video congrats. ?

  2. cesariojpn says:

    Felt they could’ve consulted LUXE37 about this:

  3. XRaider says:

    So far I have 3 in my possession…. 2 of them I already opened

  4. Daniel says:

    i got the three skylines, still looking for the s30 and zx

  5. Darin smith says:

    Hi, just saw vid and the cool thing is that I have all those cars in my ‘International rack I sell (Wish ones would contact me because they are plentiful in NASCAR Country-darin.smith,and I hope to talk to Mr.Bobby Allison about his BRE days
    since Huey town is close by. Thanks-Smith ‘Hot wheels guy’Bham Am.

  6. Angelo says:

    Actually on the lookout for the r32 casting.

    I was watching this then ended up watching Luxe37’s Tomica car chases.

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