MINICARS: Hot Wheels BRE Datsun 240Z


Hot Wheels will be releasing a BRE Datsun 240Z later this year as part of a limited edition, online-only offering from the Red Line Club. It looks to be a sought-after follow-up to last fall, when a similar BRE Datsun 510 sold out in two hours. 


The RLC BRE 240Z was a secret project that began life when a moderator on Mattel’s official Hot Wheels Collectors forum started a thread suggesting they make a BRE 240Z after the 510 came out. He even included a rendering, which generated considerable interest among the Hot Wheels collectors that frequent that site. All was quiet, and then suddenly the announcement came, a true treat to collectors and fans of classic Japanese cars.

RLC BRE Datsun 510

If it’s anything like the 510, it’s sure to be an instant best seller. The lead photo was a custom built by Mark Jones, but expect the RLC car to look like that, except with spectraflame red paint and redline wheels. Details have yet to be announced, but chances are only 3,000 will be made, and RLC members will get first dibs during the first 24-hours it goes on sale.

The Red Line Club (RLC) is an exclusive membership club that you can only join at the official Hot Wheels Collectors website. It was named after the original “red line” tires on the original Hot Wheels cars from 1968. Membership costs $24.99 a year and members get first dibs on limited edition cars like this new BRE 510 and Shelby Toyota 2000GT.

510 image courtesy of The Lamley Group.

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9 Responses to MINICARS: Hot Wheels BRE Datsun 240Z

  1. Toyotageek says:

    Looking forward to this, however…..

    Apparently the RLC is so far behind on releasing new castings due to “issues” they extended existing memberships by something like 6 months. I joined for the first time this year so I could have a chance at the Toyota 2000GT that is planned… but without a release date, who knows when we’ll even be able to place our orders… 🙁

  2. +1 to the above. I joined early this year in hopes of actually getting to buy RLC cars. So far, I’ve not been able to give them money for anything. They’ve not even sent me my car for joining… 7 months ago at this point.

    I rate my own personal chances of getting any given RLC car at about 5%.

  3. Steve says:

    This is great, but we all know greedy website asshole will horde these and buy as many as they can so non-members won’t be able to get any.

    • Paul says:


      How exactly are non members supposed to get it?

    • Ben Hsu says:

      There is a limit to how many members can buy. I think it’s one per person.

      After the initial 24 hr window, non-members can buy them.

      However, demand for the 510 was strong enough that they sold out before the non-members (and even some members) could buy them.

      • Steve says:

        And I’m sure not all of the members could get one as well.

        Oh well, I guess thats the point of making something a collectible.

  4. Steve says:

    I would be much more interested if Mattel would use the rubber Real Riders tire/wheels. I understand the tie to past with the “redline wheels” but, with a few exceptions (like… ?) JNCs never came in five-lug bolt pattern wheels. I much prefer my Vintage Racing Series BRE 510 over the RLC BRE 510 because the Real Rider wheels were patterned after Minilites/Watanabes instead of the Cragar SS style RLC wheels. I suppose I will be accused of having “sour grapes” but it is what it is.

  5. WILLIE says:

    I am an RLC member.Some of us miss out on the RLC cars that are popular.I call it the luck of the draw for RLC cars. On the first day we can order 2 if you are lucky.I “”” ONLY “”” Collect.This is why I can wait for the offers.Been an RLC member since 2004.The BRE 240z is must have for me.The Toyota 2000GT is another must have for me. This year’s offers will be (words are not available to describe how excited I am). Bring on the 1st. RLC offer.

  6. phatmiata says:

    I have been a member of the RLC club since the beginning 2002ish. This was the first year I have considered dropping membership after all my loyal years. (yes it has been that bad) last year was bad too so I went down from Chrome level membership to Regular level. I hope they can fix what is going on. I think if you are a RLC member you should have an option to get EVERY car and not this current crap shoot. The scalpers joining RLC are killing the hobby for use REAL collectors.

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