MINICARS: Complete 3D-printed Toyota 22RE engine and W56 transmission

A crazily talented engineer by the name of Eric Harrell of Santa Cruz, California has gone and cold printed out a 22RE engine and W56 transmission. Yes, it’s just like the one you’d find in a Toyota Hilux or 4Runner, and yes, this working scale model of one of the most famous Toyota drivetrain combinations of all time was spit out from a 3D printer and assembled. 

3D printed Toyota 22RE valvetrain

The engine was completed first, about two months ago, and took Harrell 60 hours to design and another 72 hours to print the 80 parts it’s comprised of. Because of limitations with the printer itself, he had to scale it down 35 percent, everything works.

3D printed Toyota W56 transmission

Harrell then followed it up with a W56, which took another 48 hours on the printer. The finished product bolts right up to the 22RE. There were a few parts that couldn’t be printed, like bearings, thin rods, and the fan belt (a rubber band). Watch the video below and be amazed. Then download and print your own engine and transmission. wait for the 3D printed Toyota Truck. Maybe.

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10 Responses to MINICARS: Complete 3D-printed Toyota 22RE engine and W56 transmission

  1. Dchil says:

    So when can he start printing full sized stuff in a metal that’s usable?

    Cressy needs a manual trans.

  2. damageinc86 says:

    yeah i love all this 3d-printing stuff! it’s really amazing. But everything all these people are making is in plastic. I can’t wait for the day a 3d printer can print parts in metal.

  3. 87 AE86 says:

    That’s pretty awesome! Not that it isn’t impressive as it is, it would be really impressive to see a 4WD trans with transfer case! 🙂
    Good job!

  4. james says:

    Awesome! now if someone could make a Rotary Engine model(preferably 10A or 12A) with the tranny,I’ll be set.

  5. nathan says:

    They already print metal. its called powder metallurgy. where they will literally print metal powders and then put them in a furnace to sinter them. also there is direct metal laser sintering where a printer basically lays small amounts of powder down then sinters them before adding another layer.

    some connecting rods are already made this way. like the toyota 1gz-fe.

    anyways, this guy did a great job. and is the battery in the ac compressor on the side?

  6. brilliant work. would love to Showcase one of These on my table 😀

  7. eric p says:

    I like the engine but more impressed with the transmission and how it works.

  8. My Brotha says:

    You should make them to sell
    Also make a ford v8 and maybe a w12

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