MINICARS: A Hot Wheels Nissan Laurel is coming [UPDATE: Another pic]

When we posted about the new Hot Wheels Fairlady Z casting we said there was more news we were excited to share when the time was right. That time is now. Two reveals in as many days, Hot Wheels has unveiled the latest JNC in the lineup, the C130 Nissan Laurel SGX. Finished in metallic green, and it’s a true beauty. And as always, we at JNC are honored to debut a new logo on the rear quarter panel with our friends at GReddy.

The car wears the signature style of Hot Wheels’ resident Nissan Nut Jun Imai. Based on the real life counterpart of a car never sold in the US, it captures perfectly a shakotan’d custom of what is affectionately known as the Butaketsu, or “pig’s butt” for its Kardashian-esque badonk. The Hot Wheels version wears subtle flares and sits very low to the ground, thanks to new small-size wheels. And yes, we have confirmed that those are new stretched tires on the diecast. This car also has a metal base, and will thus appear in a premium series in 2018.

Image: Hot Wheels Dream Team

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8 Responses to MINICARS: A Hot Wheels Nissan Laurel is coming [UPDATE: Another pic]

  1. LloyD Letherman says:

    SO EXCITED !!!

  2. Koich says:

    Butaketsu Zo-rel

  3. BVRX3SP says:

    These things are never in the stores! The dealers know the shelf stocking guys at the stores, so get first crack at ’em, them sell on ebay for $10 a piece…

    • pete240z says:

      Whenever I shop at Target or Wally Mart I cruise past the Hot Wheels – once in a while there is already some other 50 year old guy checking out the Hot Wheels.

      Need a loaf of bread? Be sure to swing by the Hot Wheels………

    • Kyle Soler says:

      Yeah it sucks when the cool stuff like that is impossible to find. and no I’m not paying 10 bucks for a new Hotwheels mainline either.

  4. Drive-By says:

    At last ❤️❤️❤️

    Better than any skyline! It’ll be a best seller for sure

  5. Samuel Ace says:

    That new Nissan Laurel coming out is awesome. I will be on the hunt for this one thumbs up.

  6. Brandon Kelley says:

    This cannot come soon enough! My heart belongs to the Laurel.

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