MINICARS: This 24-karat gold Toyota 2000GT model is definitely not for kids

There is no shortage of Toyota 2000GT models in the world, but perhaps they are all too plain in white or not sufficiently capable of showing off your tremendous disposable income. Well, Japanese jeweler SGC might have a solution for you — 24-karat gold Toyota 2000GT, on sale now. 

New Year is one of the most important holidays in Japan, and stores often have start-of-the-year events to draw in customers. At the high-end Matsuzakaya department store in Nagoya, that event is a “Golden World” exhibition to celebrate the dawn of 2018.

The store has also commissioned SGC to produce a small run of golden goods for sale. Most run on the traditional side — a statuette of a Buddha, a shogi set, figurines and commemorative plates featuring shibas and akitas (2018 is the year of the dog), and the aforementioned Toyota 2000GT.

The SGC website describes it as 24-karat cold with 925 sterling silver wheels and tires. It comes in two sizes: size “S” is described as 45 grams and 10.0×4.0×2.5 centimeters, which makes it approximately 1:23 scale (we’re going to assume the weight given is that of the actual gold); size “M” weighs 120 grams and measures 15.3×4. 1×6.0 centimeters, or 1:15 scale. Though this seemingly leaves space for an “L” size, one is not mentioned.

Oddly enough, the site gives only one price: ¥1,296,000 (approximately US$11,500). It’s not cheap, but still less than a real 2000GT. The Golden World exhibit at Matsuzakaya Nagoya runs from January 2-8. More details can be found at the Matsuzakaya website.

Images: SGC, Matsuzakaya.

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3 Responses to MINICARS: This 24-karat gold Toyota 2000GT model is definitely not for kids

  1. Ruined9s says:

    I hear if you find all 7 golden gt2000s you can call upon a real one to grant you a wish.

  2. Jim Simspson says:

    I have one of the Toyota 2000 GT cigarette holder gold plated cars in approximately the same scale…

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