MINICARS: 2017 Hot Wheels X GReddy X JNC Datsun 620

For 2017, the estimable Hot Wheels Datsun 620 returns to the main line with a new livery. It’s that of a fantasy shop truck for GReddy, the performance parts brand of legendary Japanese tuning house Trust. 

Founded in 1977, Trust is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The latest 620 iteration honors the famed shop with the Trust tricolor, which has graced everything from D1GP drift machines to Porsche 962C prototype racers.

With a chrome base and blacked out 5-spokes, it gives the bumpers and wheels a proper shop truck look. The scheme is simple and elegant, and we are humbled to have the JNC inkan share space on the truck’s doors.

Hot Wheels has often created brilliant fantasy liveries for famous companies from the muscle car and hot rod world, so it’s only fitting that icons of the Japanese tuning world are now entering into the lineup. The truck pairs up nicely with the GReddy Nissan 180SX released last year.

After appearing in 2016 in the Trucks segment of the premium Car Culture series, it’s good to have the Datsun 620 back in regular release. The best part about this truck, however, is that GReddy USA has said they might actually build a 1:1 version just like it. The Hot Wheels version is available in stores now.

For a complete list of JNC inkan’d Hot Wheels, see the list below.


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3 Responses to MINICARS: 2017 Hot Wheels X GReddy X JNC Datsun 620

  1. Brandon Kelley says:

    I really like the colors of this one. It gives off the feeling of a shop hauler.

  2. Cho says:

    It great HW is making these. As a diecast collector,I wish Greenlight or M2,Autoworld will get the rights to make these. Lots of detail and great OEM colors and quality. Tomica,Kyosho are too expensive.

  3. Ryan says:

    That looks great! nice clean and simple design.

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