MINICARS: 2014 Hot Wheels Honda Civic EF

Honda Civic EF Hot Wheels

We had mentioned before that 2014 was going to be a banner year for nostalgics in the Hot Wheels lineup, and here’s the latest proof. Hot on the heels of the new Hot Wheels X JNC Datsun 620 comes the first photos of the new-for-2014 EF Honda Civic.

This casting of the fourth-gen Civic (introduced in 1987 so it does indeed qualify as nostalgic) was designed by Ryu Asada, Mattel’s resident Honda head. It appears to be inspired by the Kanjo racers of Osaka, Ryu’s home town. However, Ryu’s love for Hondas stems from his parents, who have owned several generations of Prelude since his childhood.

Ryu is a former Matchbox designer who has recently moved over to the Hot Wheels side of Mattel. In addition to the Civic, he’s also designed the Honda CRX and a Chevy C10 also to be released for 2014. Be sure to check out the Lamley Group for more photos.

Photo courtesy of the Lamley Group.

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17 Responses to MINICARS: 2014 Hot Wheels Honda Civic EF

  1. Ed Torn says:

    Hope Ryu designs a stock Acura NSX…

  2. Gene says:

    I’m still trying to find the RX7, now I need to look for this too.

  3. cesariojpn says:

    I see it has the ugly USDM bumpers…..

  4. Steve says:

    Damn! I forgot about the 620. I just recently, finally, found the 2000GT, FR-S, and yellow Celica (wish I could have found the green Celica) and thought I was finally caught up…

  5. Ryco Diawan says:

    Pretty Model, Bad Finishing….

  6. Spike Spiegel says:


  7. Nigel says:

    Nice, just needs a tiny four point harness inside.

  8. E-AT_me says:


  9. Jason says:

    whhhhaaaaaattttt !!!!!

  10. Jason says:

    btw :

    If anyone know these guys personally over at hotwheels, PLEASE have them make at least some sort of corresponding rim for each genre of cars. Instead of DUBBED out 5 spokers.

  11. Andrew says:

    As a Honda guy, I can’t wait to find one of these! It just might find its way onto my desk at work, which is saying a lot.

  12. Tyler says:

    Fabulous. Can we have one in 90’s teal now?

  13. dickie says:

    i want to use this space to share my wish list for more JNC hot wheels models:

    – x7 Cressida/Chaser/Mark II/Cresta. My first choice would be hardtop Mark II but I’d take whatever.

    – x3 Cressida (lloyd’s car has dramatically increased the recognition if not appeal in the mainstream, but stock body would be great for this model)

    – stock body FC RX7

    – Nissan 240RS

    – a60 Celica coupe

    – ae86 Levin

    – a70 Supra

    – aw11 MR2

    – z10 or 20 soarer

    – UCF10 or 20 Lexus LS (might actually pull off the big wheels look!)

    – Toyota Van

    – Toyota Hilux/Pickup truck

    – Mazda RX2/3/4/5 (probably the 3 as it’s the most widely recognized)

    – s50/60 Toyota Crown sedan

    in general, more toyota love please.

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