MINICARS: 2013 Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT Treasure Hunt

Hot Wheels 2013 Toyota 2000GT Super Treasure Hunt 01

Boom. Ever since we began reporting on Hot Wheels‘ Renaissance of classic Japanese cars, there’s been one that collectors clamored for more than any other — the Toyota 2000GT. Well, your offerings to the diecast gods have paid off.

We first saw a prototype of this model (in blue) over a year ago but were forced to take a blood oath of secrecy. As you might have guessed, it’s another Jun Imai creation, but it’s not just the latest in his great string of diecast Japanese classics. It’s Jun’s favorite real-world car as well. 

Hot Wheels 2013 Toyota 2000GT Super Treasure Hunt 02

The final product is finished in gorgeous metallic burgundy, with a proper triangular 2000GT emblem, fender mirrors, and a racing stripe reminiscent of the 1967 Fuji 24 Hrs winner. It also has a metal base and rubber tires, features that usually only appear on premium Hot Wheels that cost $5 and up. But wait, what’s that “TH” on the rear? For the uninitiated, it stands for “Treasure Hunt” and it means exactly what it sounds like. Whereas the typical Hot Wheels case might have 2-3 of a particular model, these will be produced in limited numbers and distributed one in approximately every four cases. General Hot Wheels collectors are known to go frothing, Black Friday/Apocalypse insane over Treasure Hunts too so it’s not just the Toyotaku you’ll be competing against.

In other words, just like the real 2000GT, this model will be rare. Expect it to hit stores in March or April of 2013.

For more photos, visit our friends at the Lamley Group.


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18 Responses to MINICARS: 2013 Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT Treasure Hunt

  1. Toyotageek says:

    Well, this is good news indeed!

    However I dislike the fact it’s a TH, as it’ll make this one harder than heck to find – but that’s the life of a minicar hunter.

    Put your gloves on boys, cuz I’m ready to to kick some A$$ to get this one! 😛

  2. jivecom says:

    whyyy trasure hunt? i’m never gonna even see one

  3. E-AT_me says:

    heck, i couldn’t even find a CR-X nor Brat, and they aren’t even treasure hunts.. nor the toyota pickup.. i has a sad..

  4. KillyBamp says:

    ‘there’s been one that collectors clamored for more than any other’ So why make it TH then if demand is so high? I hate stuff like this coz it just means a handful of grubby ebay resellers will profit from their silly hiked up prices.

    • raymond says:

      i totally agree.i’ve been collecting for years and i only have one th.they buy all of them and don’t leave any for anybody else,kinda being gready,gready,pigs,what gives?

  5. Sjo says:

    Keep calm and get it later. This one might be near impossible to get, and then there comes an even better in the mainline. And on epay prices drop after a while.
    Anyway, lovely car!

  6. Darikr says:

    Just like 2012, selected regular mainine hotwheels are also given the “super” treatment,
    Meaning there will be a regular version of the 2000gt with Non spectra style paint (solid) and plastic mainline wheels which will be widely available in stores. Judging by the 2000GT looks
    I think many of us will be very content with the regular mainline version…. Again, please extend a BIG THANK you and a pat on the back to Mr.Imai for his enthusiasm and efforts in giving us the cars that we JNC’ers love!

  7. RainMeister says:

    TH indeed! Modern day scale models will never achieve the collectibility of the early Matchbox and Hot Wheels, so why are they “limiting” the availabilty of certain models? I think it’s to get us to frequent the local stores so that we buy a few each time, even if we can’t find what we originally went to the store to get. Talk about being blue-balled.

    So if you really want a 2000GT model, get one made by Ebbro, Kyosho or better yet, HPI. They cost more, but the detailing of those 1/43 scale models are in a different league compared to these 1/64 scale toys.

  8. CeduAE86 says:

    Yup, ready to punch some 5 year olds for this.

  9. Nigel says:

    Good luck to all the “hunters”.
    (Me included).

  10. jhun_hapi says:

    For sure I’ll be for the look out on these.. Yes it would be hard to find a TH on pegs. but the regular would be nice. Hopefully it would be in the Kmart collectors Day. I have more chances to grab one or get traded with other collectors.

  11. Aaron says:

    Can’t wait to paint one white

  12. Tyler says:

    Nice. I always wonder how HW can offer more and more detail for the same price. Being a TH probably helps disperse the cost.

  13. Brownie says:

    wow, looks as good as Tomica Limited ones!

  14. Jed McCastle says:

    Can’t wait til it comes out this year.

  15. Hassan taremian says:

    I love pepol Japan’s
    and Toyota car

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