MINICARS: 2013 Hot Wheels Red Line Club Datsun 240Z is the Z-Whiz Reborn

Hot Wheels Redline Club Datsun 240Z Z-Whiz 01

Today’s MiniCar news is another secret we’ve been dying to tell you for months (and would have if had it not been for Mattel’s legion of embargo enforcement ninjas). One of the rarest nostalgic Hot Wheels to be released this year is going to be the Datsun 240Z you see here. Only about 3,000 pieces will be made and first dibs will go to members of the Red Line Club.

Hot Wheels Redline Club Datsun 240Z Z-Whiz 03

For those who only recently started (or re-started) collecting, the Red Line Club is Mattel’s official fan club for Hot Wheels enthusiasts. Through it, they offer members limited edition cars produced exclusively for the club or, sometimes, for special events. Membership is available by yearly subscription only through Mattel’s official site,, and you get an exclusive car each time you subscribe or renew (for 2013 it’s a ’68 Camaro).

Hot Wheels Redline Club Datsun 240Z Z-Whiz 05

Since its launch in 2001, many Hot Wheels have been given the RLC treatment, and they usually reflect what’s popular in life-size cars around the country — namely, muscle cars, hot rods, and the occasional VW. RLC cars all come with Spectraflame paint, redline wheels, metal bases and a wire-frame suspension not found on regular Hot Wheels cars.

Hot Wheels Redline Club Datsun 240Z Z-Whiz 01

After 12 years, however, the Datsun 240Z will be the first Japanese car to appear in the RLC. This is all thanks to you guys, and is a reflection of how popular nostalgics have become in the past few years among the traditional classic car community.

Hot Wheels Redline Club Datsun 240Z Z-Whiz 06

Those who have been collecting Hot Wheels since the very beginning will notice that the 240Z is a homage to the Z-Whiz, Mattel’s first attempt at a Japanese car way back in 1977.

Hot Wheels Redline Club Datsun 240Z Z-Whiz 07

Remember, in order to buy this car, you must subscribe to the RLC.(or wait for it to hit eBay). It will be offered to members for a 24 hour period before it goes on sale to the general public at, if there are any left. Though official production numbers have not yet been announced, RLC cars typically have a run of 3,000 so it’s safe to assume that’ll be the case. Good luck!

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6 Responses to MINICARS: 2013 Hot Wheels Red Line Club Datsun 240Z is the Z-Whiz Reborn

  1. Brad D. says:

    I like this, just stinks that its not a ready available casting. Looking online it seems that previous cars in this collection retail for $20! I guess I will stick with my original Z-Whiz!

  2. Nigel says:

    Nice very nice.
    (Think I will buy the original and add the “old style” wheels.
    If i can find another.)

  3. nick spera says:

    isn’t there a white 240z coming out this year too? I recently started collecting hot wheels, nearly up too 100. but I’m still missing the GTR R34 and the Celica as I Haven’t seen them in stores yet. Australia seems to get them in months after they’re released. the panda AE86 has only just reached stores, the first one.

    • Nigel says:

      The R34 is an older casting so you may still come across it.
      I know in Oz R32, R33 and R34 are popular (to say the least) so they may be
      a little scarce.

      • nick spera says:

        I picked up the R34 and the new 240z, along with the celica about 3 weeks ago now, and the new reverse panda AE86 at coles, funny though because there was only one of each!

    • Nick says:

      I actually found the white 240 Datsun today along with the AE 86 Panda.

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