Micro Machines in LA

The irreverent bloggers at Jalopnik have a great post about an afternoon spent just chillin’ with a friend in LA who happens to own four sweet rides of the micro variety. The cars include a ’69 Subaru 360, ’72 Subaru R2, ’60 Mazda R360, and a ’60 Fuldamobil.

However, we feel obligated to mention that the 360 Young S/SS came in colors other than red, and Mazda began producing three-wheeled trucks in 1930. Still, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to drive a Sube 360 in LA or pull up to a modern Mazda dealership and park your kei R360 next to a brand new “compact” 3, all your questions shall be answered.

Thanks to jalopnik for the tip. [LINK]

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  1. Ian Newman says:

    Hi there,

    I feel obligated to mention that the Jalopnik blog actually mentions a _YOUNG_, not a Young S or a Young SS. So they are fairly right saying it was just a paint job, although you might be correct also in saying that it came in more than red (I’m unsure about that fact).

    You are definitely correct that the Young S/SS versions came in more than red (I own a pale yellow Young SS, original colour). For a last word on these facts, check with the guru, Ed Parsil of the Subaru Driver’s Club of America. He’ll know for sure!



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