An ND Miata morphs into Mazda RX-3 convertible for Tokyo Auto Salon

The Tokyo Auto Salon is approaching, and that means it’s time for some truly stupendous vehicular creations to emerge from the Nihon Automobile College. This year, Japan’s future automotive technicians are bringing a Mazda RX-3 convertible to the tuning extravaganza. Eagle eyed observers will know that Mazda never actually made a droptop RX-3, but don’t worry. The students at NATS haven’t bastardized an actual RX-3. Instead, they’re making it out of a Miata.

Seriously, no RX-3s were harmed in the making of this Franken-Savanna. The nose is an FRP unit made by EZO-ISM. It’s one of those unassuming Japanese shops that performs oil changes for kei cars by day, but creates entire fiberglass RX-3 noses and RX-2 fenders by night. Seriously, if you need a Bubble Era aero kit for your 180SX or want to convert your C35 Laurel Medalist into something out of Tokyo Xtreme Racer, this place has you covered.

The nose actually fits surprisingly well. The width is almost exactly that of the ND Miata’s, proving just how gargantuan cars have become. To square out the curvy surfaces of the Roadster, a metal trellis is being built over which metal panels will be laid.

Though the RX-3 nose on the Roadster already looks pretty badass, this is the Tokyo Auto Salon and NATS we’re talking about. So, they’re going all-out kaido racer style with a massive chin spoiler and Katayama flares.

The Katayama tribute is finished off with a green and yellow livery in the paint booth. Wide RS-Watanabe wheels wrapped in Toyos will finish underpin the build. While this will no doubt be an eye-catcher at a show full of them, it would be interesting to see someone build the tight version sans flares and other kaido accoutrements.

This isn’t the only car NATS is bringing to the show, either. Other projects include a Datsun Bluebird 411 restomod with a bit of hot rod spice on Cragar SS wheels, a bagged Toyota Alphard dually pickup, and perhaps a few other things up their jumpsuited sleeves.

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1 Response to An ND Miata morphs into Mazda RX-3 convertible for Tokyo Auto Salon

  1. f31roger says:

    I always loved seeing these type of builds. I just feel the MX5/Miata is one of those cars that you can have so much for it.

    I swear if I had a Miata, I’d be having 8 different body kits.

    That is really cool! I might try to visit this place in March!

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