NEWS: Mazda’s official Miata restoration parts now available in the US

If you’re an NA MX-5 Miata owner in the US in search of hard-to-find factory parts to restore your beloved roadster, search no more. Mazda USA just released a full list of restoration parts available through your dealer, including reproduction parts from the fantastic Roadster Restore program in Japan.

Announced earlier this year at the Chicago Auto Show, the restoration parts are particularly exciting to us as this represents the first such program offered in the US by a Japanese automaker. Many parts have remained available in Mazda’s parts database through the years, but Mazda went out of their way to bring back parts that have become hard to find or that had ceased production. These parts are now being manufactured again through Mazda’s suppliers in Japan.

In some cases, they have even been improved with modern materials and manufacturing methods while retaining the original function and appearance. The original Enkei seven-spoke aluminum wheels, for instance, are now lighter and covered by a more durable finish. Wear-and-tear items are also included, as well as new fabric soft top with the same rear screen material as the original.

Over 1100 new and legacy parts are currently on the list for the US. According to Mazda North America, this list was curated from discussions with Miata clubs and shops on which parts were most in need. We are hoping that perhaps the full restoration program by Mazda’s artisans in Hiroshima will eventually become available as well.

The price for such job would no doubt be steep but worthy, while having the option would likely serve the need of Miata enthusiasts while further deepening the NA’s classic status. “Mazda is committed to supporting the roadster culture,” said Mazda USA Chairman and CEO Masahiro Moro, “and looks forward to seeing these historic vehicles on the road — and on the track — for years to come.” These sentiments are music to our ears, and we are happy to see their realization. The full parts list available in the US can be found here.

Images: Mazda

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6 Responses to NEWS: Mazda’s official Miata restoration parts now available in the US

  1. MikeRL411 says:

    Good for you MAZDA ! Now let’s see other manufacturers learn from this brave action.



  3. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Great news, not only for enthusiasts but for keeping existing cars on the road. It beats the materials & resources needed to build another SUV.

  4. NAMiataOwner says:

    While I appreciate the concept, the execution leaves much to be desired. In reviewing the “OEM” parts catalog, I see a large list of aftermarket parts, there’s Act clutches, as well as several brands of brake pads and compounds for example. Why offer so many readily available aftermarket parts for “restorations”? Also there is a lack of detail in the descriptions (clip? clip for what?) and no ordering info other than to see your dealer for details. Feels more like a ploy to get us into dealers for service than truly supporting us with factory parts availability. Bring us online ordering with exploded view diagrams, distinguish true OEM from the aftermarket stuff, and then I might take Mazda seriously.

  5. Miguel says:

    I think this is a great start. There may be aftermarket parts being offered but at least it’s offered under the Mazda umbrella.

    I look forward to hearing more grin Mazda USA and how the individual dealerships are willing to work with local enthusiasts. All support is accepted.

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