The Mazda MX-5 Miata’s reproduction parts are now available in Europe

One of Mazda’s biggest gifts to motoring enthusiasts was when it announced a Roadster Restore program in Japan, bringing NA Eunos Roadsters back to factory fresh and offering a slate of official reproduction parts. Then Mazda brought the parts to the US. Now, Mazda is expanding the parts availability to Europe, according to the official Mazda UK Blog.

“[The NA MX-5] has begun to be even more accepted as a true classic to be preserved, enjoyed and restored. With the popularity, rarity and values of Mk1 MX-5s rising, especially original UK cars, the first-generation MX-5 is fast attaining the revered classic status it deserves,” states the blog. We’re not savvy enough to European trends to know why the UK cars are worth more (maybe RHD?) but Mazda imported 20,132 NA MX-5s to the UK.

As the program (excuse us, programme) kicks off, there are 117 LHD and 156 RHD reproduction parts available. Mazda says they surveyed shops and owners’ clubs across Europe to prioritize which items to make.

“All the parts will be manufactured in Japan using modern methods and highest quality materials, while maintaining the look and feel of the original components,” Mazda says. So, while not every molecule will be the same as an original part, they will look indistinguishable from and possibly last longer than the originals.

Some of the parts are major, like the fabric top. Mazda calls it “newly developed” but uses the same rear screen material as the original version. Another example is the aluminum (uh, aluminium) alloy wheels, which are made by Enkei. By employing modern manufacturing technology and materials, they will look the same as the original 7-spokes but weigh less and are more durable.

The parts are available at Mazda dealerships in the UK (and presumably in other European countries). We’ve had have our own reproduction parts list here in the US for a year already, but it still brings us joy to know that our friends across the pond will have access to this great, enthusiast-oriented program.

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