Mazda brings back the 93LE Miata’s black and red for a limited Eunos Edition ND

The Mazda MX-5 Miata has had many, many limited and special editions, but one of the most beloved is the 93LE. As the enthusiast-coined name implies, it came out in 1993 (1992 for Japan) and wore a distinctive black-with-red-interior color scheme. Now, Mazda is bringing it back for the fourth-generation MX-5. Not only that, but they’re reviving the Eunos name, just for the occasion.

The 2020 Mazda MX-5 Eunos Edition draws on the 1993 Limited Edition’s (1992 S-Limited if you’re in Japan) colors. The exterior is finished in Jet Black Mica, while the interior features perforated red-burgundy Nappa leather. Alas, it is only available in France.

The Eunos Edition gets its name from Mazda’s Bubble Era premium sales arm in Japan. The marque only lasted from 1989-1996 and never officially in the US or Europe (only briefly in Australia and Hong Kong), so this is quite a tribute that speaks to the true Mazda aficionado. It also comes with a classy little badge above the fender-mounted lights, denoting its Eunos Edition official-ness with a serialized number.

While the interior does look very classy, it’s not a complete match to the original’s notable crimson cabin. The red is a considerably darker hue than the red retina-scorching leather. Also, the red leather section of the dash is thinner due to the design, so it doesn’t envelop the occupants quite as much in redness.

The original black-on-red came with BBS wheels, gold in Japan, silver in the US. Here, the special rollers are 16-inch Rays forged 10-spokes, that look like the ones on the 30th Anniversary Miata, but one inch smaller and obviously without the “30th Anniversary” etching.

There are no additional performance improvements, but that’s okay. It’s a great throwback to one of the most memorable special edition NA Miatas, with tasteful and modern looks. If you live in France and want one, you’d better move quickly. Only 110 will be built.

Images courtesy of Mazda France.

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7 Responses to Mazda brings back the 93LE Miata’s black and red for a limited Eunos Edition ND

  1. MikeRL411 says:

    Hey France! This sure beats a Renault 2CV.

  2. Paul says:

    Needs gold wheels.

  3. Jack Martin says:

    They will probably keep the same crummy top!

  4. Damian says:

    Incorrect. The Eunos brand was sold in Australia. Although not the roadster(mx5).
    We got the 30X, the 500 and 800.

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