Watching an immaculate 1,500-mile Mazda Miata get even cleaner is extremely satisfying

You might think that a 1990 Mazda Miata with only 1,500 miles on the odometer would not need a thorough detailing. Especially when that Miata was lovingly cared for by its original owner and is so “new” that even its convertible top had never once been put down. Well, you’d be wrong.


The car care pros at Ammo NYC were recently tasked with prepping a 1,500-mile, one-owner NA Miata for sale. Its owner had passed away and the car was being put up in an estate sale. As the video says, the only things that are not original on the car are the battery, oil, and oil filter. It’s almost tragic the owner didn’t enjoy the Miata, a car engineered for enjoyment, more.

Though the owner barely drove it, it was clear they cared for it. The car has been stored in a Long Island, NY garage for most of its life. And given the amount of caranuba residue on it the owner probably spent more time waxing it than driving it. Nevertheless, the video shows the what a difference a pro detailer can make over a well-intentioned average car owner.

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4 Responses to Watching an immaculate 1,500-mile Mazda Miata get even cleaner is extremely satisfying

  1. BW says:

    You’re not a well-intentioned car owner if you spend more time waxing a car than you do driving it. You’re a well-intentioned investor or well-intentioned museum curator. Just a bit of a hot take.

  2. Steve says:

    Makes me want to go out and drive my Miata top down today! Glad to see all the love for Miatas, even from some of the younger crowd (30’s). Never realized it had such an effect on people…as it was once deemed a secretaries car. Having raced SM before, and now just with a street car, this makes me want to get the wax out of the CHMSL and taillamps….

  3. speedie says:

    I’ve been watching Ammo videos for years. His earlier stuff had lots of how to stuff in them. The current crop are very entertaining (and marketing focused) but have much less content on the details of how to do things. As for this Miata, I think there are probably 5,000 well driven examples for everyone like this and I am fine with that.

  4. Fred Langille says:

    There probably isn’t too much room here for concern but, if it had had MORE miles on it and, just basics done. I would have been concerned about seals and gaskets. 1,500 miles isn’t bad.

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