Mazda Miata Roadster ND in “V-Special” BRG looks pretty sharp

There are lots of outlandish custom cars at the Tokyo Auto Salon, but sometimes it’s the simple ones that catch your eye. For example, a Tokyo shop named Cabana Racing has created an ND Mazda Roadster tribute to the NA Eunos Roadster V-Special edition. Americans may recognize it as the 1991 Special Edition MX-5 Miata that came exclusively in British Racing Green.

The Mazda Roadster V-Special was the first special edition of the NA. It debuted in Japan in August 1990 and was called the 1991 Special Edition in the US. In addition to the BRG paint, it featured a tan interior, top, and tonneau cover, and stainless steel door sill platesThe interior featured a wooden Nardi 3-spoke steering wheel, wooden shift knob, and wooden handbrake lever.

Cabana recreated the V-Special’s look with a BRG wrap and genuine tan horsehide leather on the custom seat upholstery, door panels, center console, and dash. Even the seat belts have been swapped to tan ones.

A custom wood and carbon steering wheel, shift knob, and handbrake lever were created as one-offs for this car. The air vent surround trim and window switch panels have been recreated in wood as well. The car also rides on 17-inch BBS wheels reminiscent of other NA special edition wheels.

The car had been displayed at a previous Tokyo Auto Salon, but at that showing the look was a bit marred by chrome door handles, wipers, mirrors, and door edge guard trim. Those items have all been eliminated or changed too black, which suits the car much better. Cabana makes interior trim and seat covers for a variety of cars. Unfortunately, many of the custom bits found on the ND are one-offs. It’s about as straightforward a makeover as you can imagine, and it looks sharp as the V-Special did over three decades ago.

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5 Responses to Mazda Miata Roadster ND in “V-Special” BRG looks pretty sharp

  1. BlitzPig says:

    Very good looking. I wish Subaru would have made BRG an option on the BRZ.

  2. Taylor C. says:

    They have the British Green on the Toyota 86, I have see that in my office parking lot a few times.

  3. Julian Digby Bottin says:

    This is the exact way I want an ND Miata, but I would swap out the rims for some bronze ones.

  4. L C says:

    I have one of the ’91 sp edition brg , it’s a great sports car ! Would love to have this new one ! 👍👍

  5. Erelio Perez says:

    Hot looking car , I would definitely get in that!

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