Mazda made a chocolate Miata for Valentine’s Day

Picking out a spot-on Valentine’s Day gift is never easy but as it is in all aspects of life, Miata is always the answer. Forget flowers, if I found a chocolate Miata like this wrapped in a bow on V-Day I’d know my wife truly gets me. Since it’s a RHD car from Japan it’s technically a Roadster RF, but the point is that the ND looks as delicious as it is detailed.

Mazda Japan posted this to their Facebook page for Valentine’s Day, instantly making all other presents look woefully inadequate. Perhaps what is most insane is that it’s not simply big slab of chocolate. It has a legit interior, complete with dashboard and seats.

A closer look a some of the parts gets even more astounding. There’s a super-detailed section of the chassis that includes the transmission, the Miata’s trademark power plant frame, rear subframe, differential, struts, arms, brake rotors and calipers. There’s no way this could have been molded as one piece. Individual bits must have been created separately and then assembled, right?

Then again, this is the same company that commercialized the rotary engine. Perhaps that same engineering wizardry was pulled out of their sleeves to create this confectionary masterpiece.

The Mazda logos have been painted on with white chocolate. Other parts such as the lights, dash vents, and exhaust tips look to have been dusted with some kind of silver powder that is hopefully edible.

Unfortunately the candy car isn’t for sale. It appears to be a singular creation that Mazda made for fun, just to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

We do have a couple of theories. It’s possible that the choco-Miata was reverse engineered from a plastic model kit. Specifically, the 1/24 scale kit of the Roadster RF by Tamiya. the most likely candidate. There’s also the possibility that it was 3D printed, but then someone would’ve had to render each piece with a CAD file.

Lastly, if you really want to be cynical about it, this may not be edible at all. It could just be the Tamiya kit itself, lightly coated in chocolate (or brown paint) to create the illusion of cocoa. Sorry to dispel the magic. We’re fun at parties.

Let’s go back to the premise that we’re looking at a genuine chocolate Miata. Look, it even has a fancy tin and comes with a larger Mazda logo cast in white chocolate. There’s only one problem with receiving a gift as incredible as this. We wouldn’t want to eat it.

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4 Responses to Mazda made a chocolate Miata for Valentine’s Day

  1. BlitzPig says:

    That is really amazing!

    Well done Mazda,

  2. Fred Langille says:

    I’d be MORE impressed if it were LIFE-SIZED!

  3. Ian N says:

    “It appears to be a singular creation that Mazda made for fun, just to celebrate Valentine’s Day” – well thank goodness for THAT! Nobody has to make the decision….. to eat or not to eat!

  4. HE HE says:

    What if you made your own cookie shaper but for chocolate? You could pour the chocolate into that shape, bake it until it’s solid, and then assemble! I’d honestly want to do something like that, maybe an Evo X, then that’s a perfect gift!

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