Mazda M2 1002 briefly offered for sale

With all the hype surrounding blue chip JNCs in recent weeks, we almost overlooked the fact that a genuine M2 1002 was recently offered on eBay and then quickly taken down (supposedly sold in an off-site transaction). 

It appears that the 25th anniversary of the Miata and a newfound appreciation for top factory-tuned examples have awakened the Japanese sellers to the US market. It will be interesting to see what other JDM gems pop up for sale, now that everything from Nissan Figaros to R32 Skyline GT-Rs are legal. To find out more about the M2, read Dave’s excellent series on Mazda’s efforts to build cars to customer specs (Parts 01 and 02).

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  1. Jim Daniels says:

    I enjoyed hanging out with you guys at Monterey this weekend swapping car stories. I was trying to register on the site and keep getting a message in red that I am not entering the code word at the bottom right. I have tried multiple time on multiple days. With the same results.

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