Mazda Luce RX-4 Lost in Time

The Mazda Luce still stands as one of the most beautiful coupes to come out of Hiroshima. Its American market equivalent, the RX-4, is extremely rare but here’s one just cold sitting in a Japanese barn waiting to roar again. Judging by that dust blanket it hasn’t been touched in decades, not even for a peek inside. Heck, even the Cyprus DMZ Toyotas have seen more action. 

Click here for a super-high-resolution vesion. Unfortunately the photographer left no clue as to its whereabouts, but maybe an enterprising sleuth can locate it based on his other pictures.


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9 Responses to Mazda Luce RX-4 Lost in Time

  1. shane_lxi says:

    There’s an older guy in my area that daily drives an rx4. I even had the honor of selling him a set of wheels for it a few years back at my work! Unfortunately they were 16″ konig rewinds, lol. I haven’t seen it for a few years, but he was so proud of it that I am fairly certain it’s getting the garage and shine treatment now 😀

  2. Nigel says:

    Maybe a few in South Africa, but my cousins will keep them for themselves.

  3. Lincoln Stax says:

    I’m going to have to check out this hoppysan’s site in more detail when I get home from work tonight. It looks like he’s an excellent photographer. I mean, just look at that picture. Subject, composition, light… the more I look at it, the more amazed I am. Even better, it appears all his pictures come in super-hi-res.

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