Mazda Familia 1200 Van, Ozzie Style

The Australians’ love for old Mazdas is exceeded only by their love for Venetian blinds and windscreen visors. Perhaps in the Outback it’s the only protection one has from becoming a steam-cooked dingo snack.

With an oversize roof rack, JNCer Beware‘s Familia 1200 Van looks like it’s wearing one of those old timey accountant’s visors, but it gives this little wagon has heaps of character. Add to the fact that these two-door goons have a rarity factor off the charts for us Yanks, and we’re digging it like shallow grave.

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8 Responses to Mazda Familia 1200 Van, Ozzie Style

  1. silverra23 says:

    Needs side venetians I reckon 🙂 Cool car!

  2. DerrickS says:

    I’ve just seen my new favorite car.

  3. tony says:

    Holy heck. Ridiculous beautiful/cool.

  4. Patrick McLean says:

    Love the smaller nipple hubcaps. I’m down with DerrickS.

  5. big O says:

    I knew a guy in Mexico that had one of these, it was beat up real bad but it ran like a clock. An albeit really slow clock.

  6. Sarcasmo says:

    Like the car, but not feeling the front visor. It looks like one of those plastic bite guards from a vet, you put on a dog… to keep from biting itself. LOL

  7. Pnutsr1 says:

    I have a Mazda 1200 wagon I’m from Los Angeles This one you have hear is very nice And rare to come around a wagon like that one nice.

  8. Tally says:

    Plenty of 1200/1300 Wagons here in Australia.

    My uncle has 6 all up has owned about 20 lol….

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