Good guy Mazda will change oil and wash cars of health care workers, even if they don’t own a Mazda

Health care workers are fighting the good fight on the front lines right now, putting themselves at risk so that the rest of us don’t get sick. To support them, Mazda has announced that they will change their oil and wash their cars for free, a generous move on its own, but even better in this case because the health care workers don’t even have to own a Mazda.

Mazda is committing at least $5 million to the program, which begins today, April 16, and is scheduled to run until May 4. If you’re a health care worker, all you have to do is bring your car, crossover, or SUV to a Mazda dealership and show them a work ID to prove that you work in a hospital, doctor’s office, medical research center, or blood bank. A full list of employers can be found here. However, be sure to call your dealership beforehand to make sure it’s a participating dealer.

The car washing service is described as an “enhanced vehicle cleaning of high-touch interior and exterior surfaces using Mazda and EPA-approved cleansers. Mazda has also encouraged dealers to continue following the recommendations from the CDC and local public health and government officials.”

“Supporting the communities where we live and work is rooted deeply in Mazda’s 100-year history,” said Mazda North America President Jeff Guyton, a possible reference to the company’s efforts after the nuclear devastation of their hometown Hiroshima. He continued, “We are honored to give back to those dedicated to saving lives during this pandemic.”

Please let any friends or family who are health care workers know, in case they want to take advantage of the program right now. We are depending on them to keep us safe, and the least the car community can do is keep their vehicles maintained.

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  1. Vballin says:

    Thank you Mazda! This is amazing!

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