VIDEO: The best car show is this Mazda Cosmo Sport restoration from Germany [UPDATE: 3rd episode released]

Are you tired of purported car shows that promise wrenching but end up being a collection of character tropes manufacturing drama while standing next to muscle cars? The answer is yes, we all are. That’s why this web series from Mazda Deutschland could be the most interesting car show on air right now. The format is instantly recognizable to anyone with a cable subscription — hosts pull a rusty heap out of a barn and restore it — except the car is a Mazda Cosmo Sport and everyone’s speaking German. 

Only two episodes have aired thus far, but already it looks impressive. The subject car, a L10B long-wheelbase Cosmo Sport, appears to be an ex-race car. Our first thought was “OMG, what if it was one of the Marathon de la Route racers?” but then Dave noticed that it had a registration sticker from Japan affixed to the windshield.

The car comes from the collection of Walter Frey, a German Mazda importer who recently opened a Mazda museum. The car is very, very rusty, with body panels and floor boards that basically evaporate into a puff of red dust when grazed. It looks like an ambitious project for sure. Even if, like us, you don’t speak a syllable of German, it’s still enjoyable and can more or less be followed . We we’ll be watching to see how the restoration progresses. See the first two episodes above and episode three and the trailer below.

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7 Responses to VIDEO: The best car show is this Mazda Cosmo Sport restoration from Germany [UPDATE: 3rd episode released]

  1. If you know the hosts, it may be even better if you don’t understand the german that Det is speaking. His jokes are terrible 😛

    Anyhow, interresting post and quite fun to see something like this happen in the german speaking corner of the world 🙂

  2. speedie says:

    Just watched the first three episodes. I don’t know German but you can pretty much follow along if you have ever watched a similar american restoration show. You can even add your own dialog as you watch for fun.

    “Hey is that a Mazda Cosmo?”
    “Sure is. You want to restore it? ”
    “Your kidding right, it looks like like Swiss cheese rotted in water.”
    “Ah come on, it will be fun.”
    “Oh, okay.”

  3. Iwakuni91 says:

    I could’ve swore I heard someone say “schnitzen-grubben.”

  4. Reynaldo de Jesús Claudio says:

    I am very fan

  5. If you know the host Det Müller, you know he usually is not a fan of japanese cars. He is a german- and american-car-guy, making jokes and bashing japanese cars in the other shows he does. But money not only talks, but makes flexible too. 😉

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