Mazda Cosmo Sport and Toyota 2000GT in this month’s Hemmings

A Toyota 2000GT and a Mazda Cosmo 110s will both grace the cover of the upcoming April issue of Hemmings Sport & Exotic Car.  The pivotal pair of shiro historic flagships was garnered together by our buddy and fellow J-tin enthusiast Jeff Koch, who was also fortunate enough to give each a spin for his cover story.

Also included within the issue is a brief biography of Datsun-Nissan historian Dan Banks along with a Buyer’s Guide for the 1968-1973 Datsun 510.

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7 Responses to Mazda Cosmo Sport and Toyota 2000GT in this month’s Hemmings

  1. ylee says:

    Finally, J-Tins are getting their recognition! Lets hope this doesn’t have a negative effect on pricing.

  2. kelly greenidge says:

    Oh yeh can’t wait to pick this one up. I use to buy this publication when I noticed they would on occasion do Japanese old school cars.

  3. BradD says:

    The current issue has an article on my Sapporo as well. Def one of the only US mags doing anything with old Japanese cars.

    • kelly greenidge says:

      Agreed hands down

    • pstar says:

      This is the best magazine in print, it only does non-American classics. Its sister publication “Hemmings Classic Car” is devoted to American cars. Japanese cars have just as much coverage in HSE as any single other country, but all the Europeans combined outnumber the pages given to Japanese classics.

      I first learned what a Sapporo was, probably 3 or 4 years ago thanks to coverage in HSE. They described it as a car that seemed common enough when it was new, but somehow the hundreds of thousands of examples virtually went extinct somewhere along the line.

  4. Stephan Terblans says:

    It is totally off topic, but has any one taken notice of the 12 rotor engine at

  5. xs10shl says:

    Hemmings devotes a fair number of pages to J-tin. They did a good piece on the 2000GT a few years ago, where the author dispelled several long-standing myths, but in-turn perpetuated the one about “needing to be 5’9″ ” to fit into one.

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