Mazda Carol Hot Rod!

In last week’s Tokyo Autosalon report. we made mention of a supercool Mazda Carol-based hot rod. Well, we have some more details on it now, it was built by students at the…*deep breath*…Shizuoka Professional College of Automobile Technology. Especially notable is the fact that the original Carol is rear-engined, but the hot rod was built on a Suzuki jeep ladder chassis, which sited the 550cc two-stroke up the front for a more authentic hot rod style.

More info here…click on the links (and scroll down!) on the side to see more pics. Extremely cool!

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2 Responses to Mazda Carol Hot Rod!

  1. Tony says:

    I just about choked when I saw that car for the first time. And I’m talking about a good choking, like the kind that killed Michael Hutchence.

    There’s gotta be more nostalgic-Japanese hotrods out there, and if not, I want to see someone build a Subaru 360 ‘rod, or a chopped n’ channeled Daihatsu Midget.

  2. sumo510 says:

    Hi , I’m new here. My thoughts range from how it looks like a cross between a Fiat Bambino altered and a Pommy Ford Anglia retro rod. Also bought back memories of Rally Australia in Perth in the late ’90s where the kids from an auto college would service a couple of WRX’s. They’d draw crowds just to watch them swarm over the cars in service and as the car left for the next stage the kids would give the driver and co driver the most amazing send off. The funny thing was the then professional WRC teams who’d watch for the entertainment would then give the kids a huge round of applause.

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